Discover Healing and Expanded States of Awareness Through Conscious Breath

Course Begins July 10, 2023

Come curious and leave with a deeper sense of self by experiencing:

  • What breathwork is—tracing the whys to practice and the roots and long history of embodied wisdom
  • How breathwork can build internal safety, support your nervous system, and repair the ruptures of stress and trauma
  • Working with difficult emotions in difficult times through the breath and rebuilding a relationship to your body
  • Building a connection with yourself, your community, the world, and the cosmos through specific breathing techniques to inspire individual and collective liberation

Discover Healing and Expanded States of Awareness Through Conscious Breath

About Your Teacher

Jennifer Patterson

Jennifer Patterson is a breathwork facilitator, grief worker, herbalist, and writer. She has facilitated workshops at healing centers, LGBTQ centers, colleges and universities, veterans’ hospitals, and sexual violence resource centers. Jennifer speaks across the country, and her writing has been published widely. She is the author of the book The Power of Breathwork: Simple Practices to Promote Wellbeing and edited the anthology Queering Sexual Violence: Radical Voices from Within the Anti-Violence Movement.

Featured Teachers

Before you join us, you may be wondering:

What is breathwork?

An umbrella term encompassing many styles of bringing intention and attention to our breath. It’s a tool for moving through trauma, anxiety, stress, blocked emotional energy, and more.

Will I experience altered states?

Certain techniques can induce an altered state, however the purpose is for understanding yourself more deeply, connecting to those around you and the universe as a whole.

Is it safe?

The practice does ask you to dig deep, show up to, and take responsibility for your own healing, but you will be supported by trauma-experienced teachers, practitioners, and guides.

Can beginners do this?

As you experience many forms of breathwork practices, you will build knowledge and background of each of these practices from the ground up, requiring no previous experience.

Gain clarity, calm, and connection

Heal, Connect, and Expand Your Consciousness

Build internal safety with your body through the experience of breathwork

Learn the why and how of breathwork, set a personal intention for the course, and discover how the breath creates space to hold everything.
  • Learn some of the origins of breathwork, its physiological benefits, and how this practice helps us come home to ourselves.
  • Receive a set of beginners’ techniques and gentle supportive movements to enhance your own agency as you practice.
  • Get guidance on how to feel deeply supported and in control in your practice, so you can titrate what’s transforming in you.

Guest Teachers:

Susan Ateh and Chauna Bryant

Types of breathwork practiced:

conscious, connected, diaphragmatic breath; three-part breath; general breath practices combined with gentle Pilates.

Saturday, August 5, 2023

In this workshop with guest teachers Molly Boeder Harris and Zabie Yamasaki, you’ll learn how to identify and breathe with and through states of overwhelm, shutdown, or resistance, using trauma-informed breathwork practices, including vagus nerve stimulation and somatic exercises.

Unblock stuck energy and reconnect to your inner healer. This month’s focus is on grounding yourself and finding freedom in the breath.
  • Anchor into your surroundings through slow breathwork that will deepen your sense of internal safety and connectedness.
  • Investigate triggers that pull you away from your life and practice, and create a support structure and accountability to help you keep coming back.
  • Learn about therapeutic pranayama and how it can be misused, as well as a practice for witnessing grief and loss and how to celebrate life.

Guest Teachers:

Aishah Shahidah Simmons, Melissa Shah, Sebene Selassie

Types of breathwork practiced:

three-part breath, pranayama, mindfulness meditation

When we turn toward difficult emotions, we can finally move through them. This month you’ll travel this tender terrain, and gain strength from the journey.
  • Challenge unhelpful binaries around concepts like “embodiment” and “dis/association” so you can titrate whatever is showing up in your breathwork with self-compassion.
  • Love what has kept you alive and breathe to become more present to hidden, wounded parts of you, and extend forgiveness and love to them so they can integrate into your being.
  • Make space to welcome anger, its relationship to love, and work with it to unlock the power inside it for personal and social change.

Guest Teachers:

Nathaniel Hodder-Shipp, Lama Rod Owens

Types of breathwork practiced:

three-part breath; conscious, connected, diaphragmatic breath; mindfulness meditation

Saturday, October 7, 2023

Vidyamala will discuss how breath awareness can help with pain management. When we are in pain we almost always hold our breath and learning to rest in whole-body breathing can be enormously restorative and calming. She will introduce her signature practice of mindfulness of the 5 B’s of the breath: the Buttocks, Belly, Back, Back of the throat and the Brain as a way to calm the nervous system and reduce pain perception. She will also introduce the calming power of coherent breathing – slowing breathing to about 6 breaths a minute.

We heal and grow within community. This month features breathwork that invites expansion, so we can show up with greater presence in all our communities.
  • Breathe into the relationship between expansion, contraction, and growth to foster change you’d like to see in yourself and your day-to-day environment.
  • Use breathwork to connect to ancestors, the land, and the cosmos, moving out of aloneness into a place of deep belonging.
  • Illuminate a bolder vision of the future for yourself and the world, where more is possible for all.

Guest Teachers:

Amy Kuretsky, Jordan Deer Heart Ix Mazatl Ol-Si, Christian Totty

Types of breathwork practiced:

three-part breath; conscious, connected, diaphragmatic breath; psychological sigh; box breathing

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve suffered trauma or long-term stress, this course will lighten your load and help you attune and attend to your needs so you can begin thriving again. If you struggle with depression, anxiety, or any health issue that has pulled you away from your core, this program will prime your innate healing capacity and bring you back to center.

You don’t need to be “good” at breathing, meditating, or self-care to benefit from breathwork. In fact, breathwork helps you tune in to your body at a deep level, where labels of “good” and “bad” lose their charge and new ways to care for yourself become clear. You also don’t need any previous experience. You can be a total beginner and this course will be right for you.

For those who have a meditation practice or other spiritual self-care routine, this course will provide gentle ways to deepen your embodiment and bolster what you’re already doing.

This form of conscious breathwork allows you to stay in control of your experience and participate very directly in self-care, enhancing your self-sufficiency and agency. Whether or not you have a trauma history, this course is a wonderful opportunity to build greater choice into your life in a way that’s non-prescriptive and profoundly empowering.

Breathwork also has specific, direct benefits to human health—including reducing cortisol, lowering anxiety, enhancing immunity, supporting digestion, and regulating heart rate and blood pressure.

Last but not least, this course will include safe, drug-free ways of expanding your consciousness beyond its usual boundaries, while staying firmly anchored in your body.

No, you will not gain qualification to facilitate breathwork through participation in this course. It is also not a summit or lecture series. This program is experiential and intended to serve personal and collective healing and growth.

This program is four months long with weekly exercises, practices, and teachings to help you experience different facets of working with your breath. You’ll explore the basics as well as work with difficult emotions, expand your consciousness, and be in community with others who (most likely) are trying breathwork for the first time. There will also be specialty workshops provided in the program with expert guest teachers hosting during these events. An outline of the course is provided a bit higher on this page, but a full schedule of the course itself will be provided when you enroll in the program.

The estimated time commitment for this program is approximately three hours each week. This includes the 90-minute live class, suggested practice time, and optional assignments.

Each breathwork session is recorded and will be made available for you in your course library. At this time, only the monthly office hours with Jennifer Patterson won’t be recorded.

Yes you can. The weekly 90-minute sessions will be held every Wednesday starting at 5pm PT | 8pm ET.

We have friendly program specialists ready to answer your questions before you take the next step to join this program. Click here to book a call. We highly recommend that you book a call with them as early as possible so you have plenty of time to decide whether this is the right program for you.

Yes, we are offering a limited number of partial scholarships to participants who would benefit from financial assistance. Awards will be made based on the full price of the program. Please do not apply for a scholarship unless it is truly needed. You can request a scholarship by emailing

Because of the in-depth learning associated with this program, refunds will be available up until the course start of July 10, 2023.

What You’ll Receive…

Your Course Includes:

18 Live Teaching Sessions

Explore breathwork’s multifaceted benefits, from the mental to the spiritual

Ways to Heal Stress & Trauma

Discover gentle practices to reconnect to your life force and restore your vitality

Room to Expand Your Awareness

Learn safe, substance-free ways to feel greater freedom and flow

Office Hours for Extra Support

Get individual questions answered in live office hours with host Jennifer Patterson


Not every course fits every person. Choosing the right one for you will elevate your work from just another playlist of videos—that you might not even finish—to a truly connected and transformative experience.

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Live Weekly Sessions
Full Course Curriculum
Built-In Community
Weekly Office Hours
On-Demand Practices

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