Meet Tatiana the Mermaid

She might not have a tail, but she has big, big dreams.

Written by Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long, here is an inspiring story for children about overcoming adversity through self-acceptance, hard work, and the loving support of those who believe in you. Foreword by Michael Phelps.

Jessica Long’s journey from being the “kid with no legs” to a world champion athlete taught her valuable life lessons that she hopes to share with kids everywhere. Here she talks with her father about the inspiration behind the book—and shares a special sneak peek of The Mermaid with No Tail.

We all have something that makes us different.

For Jessica Long, who had to have her lower legs amputated when she was 18 months old, the difference was plain for everyone to see.

But for many of us, the difference might be deep inside—and even though it can’t be seen, we might still try to hide it because we’re afraid other people won’t accept us.

The Mermaid with No Tail shows how one brave mermaid discovers the secret power of being different. Her story—and Jessica’s—reminds us that anyone can chase big dreams and find their own path to happiness. It starts with loving ourselves exactly as we are.

Because we all have something that makes us powerful.

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Meet the Author & Illustrator

Jessica Long

is an American Paralympic swimmer who has won 29 Paralympic Medals, making her one of America’s most decorated athletes of all time. She writes, teaches, and speaks to inspire others outside the pool.

Airin O’Callaghan

is an illustrator and artist. She received a bachelor’s degree and MFA in fine art in Amsterdam, and an MFA in illustration in San Francisco. Airin lives in Berkeley, California.

“I didn’t realize it before,” Tatiana said. “But the thing that makes you different is your greatest gift.”




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