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The People's Inauguration

10 Days to Activate Revolutionary Love


February 1, 2021

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Go Forth

Special send-off presentation

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To close out The People’s Inauguration, Valarie Kaur presents a special send-off to inspire you to go forth in revolutionary love.

Session Highlights:
  • Reflecting on the wisdom of the last 10 days
  • A review of the revolutionary love compass
  • Inspirations for engaging these teachings to create lasting change however you are able
  • A note of deep gratitude
Compass of Revolutionary Love
Valarie Kaur

Valarie Kaur, JD

Valarie Kaur is an activist, lawyer, filmmaker, and founder of the Revolutionary Love Project. She has won national acclaim for her story-based advocacy, helping to win policy change on issues from hate crimes to digital freedom. A daughter of Sikh farmers in California, she earned degrees at Stanford University, Harvard Divinity School, and Yale Law School. Valarie’s debut book, See No Stranger, expands on her popular TED Talk.

  • Gail says:

    Deep gratitude to Valerie and everyone who brought their gifts and medicine, and all participants. Feeling inspired, grateful, hopeful, and committed!

  • Cheryl says:

    This has been an amazing 10 days!! The practices, the stories, the teaching…valuable, practical, and inspiring! THANK YOU so much, Valerie! I’ve experienced a most important reset!!

  • Jim says:

    It’s been an interesting presentation on concepts I have practiced for over 2 decades. There were a few ideas I didn’t think of so it was most informative regarding those elements. Namaste’

  • Lucy says:

    Thank you, Valarie. Your and your guests’ sharing have been a blessing. You have broadened and deepened my understand of being family and of love-motivated action on behalf of and with others. 🙏

  • Sharon says:

    Thank you for sharing your incredible inspiration and wisdom. I felt my heart opening more and more these last 10 days.

  • Michael Ludgate says:

    Valarie, thanks.
    The world is better for your deep, genuine healing wisdom. Your unifying vision, personal penetration into content areas & emotional radiance of your charismatic presence & equity orientation to self, others & the world, has stirred an utter stillness & peace in me, which I, too, so share ••• this inauguration of a new, energetic way of being ••• together. 2021 Love, Mike

  • Sunny Thompson says:

    Since it is so hard to say goodbye, it is so clever that we can’t do it!!

  • U says:

    Could not access

  • GBelle says:

    So special and transformative! Cannot wait to go deeper with the book See No Stranger! Heartfelt and many thanks!

  • Patricia Snow says:

    I cannot access.

  • Janet Frost says:

    I cannot access this presentation.

  • Ann says:

    I cannot access either for some reason.

  • Gail Aiken says:

    Loved the content, delivery and Valarie.
    Thank you heaps

  • Cathy Day says:

    Cannot access

  • Robin says:

    Absolutely loved this presentation!!
    What a gift at this time!! Thank you so very much!!

  • Jiwan Shakti Kaur says:

    So inspiring!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Therese says:

    Therese from Stratford Canada. i cannot access the final session either.
    So grateful for all the wisdom, tools, vision, and endless possibilities. At 87 years old, I am in awe of the deep wisdom, courage and knowledge of our younger sisters.. I will join all your efforts in active imagination and support you energetically as best I can. Blessings to all.

  • Sue says:

    Can’t access sendoff..she’s remarkable

  • Lin says:

    Dear Valarie, thank you so much for these inspiring talks. Your stories brought tears from my heart and reminded me how open and brave I was when I was little. They help me enormously. May the light shine everyday, everywhere. Hug from UK

  • Susan Auslander says:

    Count me in as part of your critical mass! Thank you!!!!

  • Dina Ayala says:

    I enjoyed each and every day. You are an amazing speaker and story teller and you help us to go deeper and deeper still. Thank you so much. My husband even listened to one and said one that was intense, she’s a great speaker. He listened to Grieve. This last on, the send off, is not working for some reason. I can’t hear anything. It plays for 5 seconds and that is all.

    • Elizabeth says:

      so sorry you missed it live… when that has happened to me on other nights, I needed to refresh the page and then try play, again. I hope you can access the replay! <3

  • Isabel Inchauspe De Ferrari says:

    thank you
    you open my mind and heart ¡¡¡

  • Lisa says:

    Thank you for a wonderful series, so inspiring to hear the words and practice the approach, but also to connect with so many who are ready to do this work. I wasn’t able to participate in the program in real time and wish I’d offered this after the session on Reimagine, but this art link for “LIFE ReImagined” https://artofthegreennewdeal.net/life-reimagined/ is a model to collectively create the world we must hurry toward. It is a redux of the 1960’s Game of LIFE wherein changing the object of the game changes everything! It follows many of the concepts examined in Revolutionary Love, and is interactive — please add your ideas about the actions we can take to realize our shared vision, the more input the better!

  • Sophie says:

    Thank you SO VERY MUCH Valarie. How inspiring and formative. Your life and actions shining through your eyes, smile and words are a highlight of these amazing ten days. May we overcome!

  • Anneke Poppe says:

    Dear brave Sister, with deepest gratitude for empowering us., empowering me. Such profound inspiration.
    I wish for you, your loved-ones and the community, endless Support from the Divine.
    With love, Anneke from the Netherlands

  • Margreet van der Molen says:

    Dear Valarie, you deeply moved me. Thank you. Wahe guru!

  • Robert Pahl says:

    Valarie, Revolutionary Love may be the most important medicine to bring into the world, at this, the most perfect moment. Thank you for stepping up to this labor. In what way, if at all, might I help?

  • Patrice Leonetti says:

    Valerie thank you for sharing your revolutionary love. I looked forward to each day, each message, each story, and most of all your authentic self…thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • Jeanette Martinez says:

    Thank you for sharing your authentic self and your revolutionary love practice. This is precisely what the world needs.

  • concha Bonet de Luna says:

    Valarie, dearest!…You´ve changed my life.. Big loving hugs from Spain

  • Romany Buck says:

    Dearest Valerie
    My Sikh friends are some of the kindest, most generous souls I know……and now I’ve met you and what an amazing bunch of souls I’ve also ‘met’ through your own special generosity of spirit!

    May this Revolution of Loving Influences flow throughout the whole world…..lighting hearts and inspiring minds🥰🎵🎶🐝🐝🦊🦊🍒🍒

  • Ayla says:

    Valarie, thank you so much for these amazing ten days of activating revolutionary love. So many truths being told, so many storries that you shared, that opened our hearts. Seeing that we share the same pain even though through different wounds, and that we can and will help each other heal is incredibly reliefing.
    I am a woman of color living in Germany and working as a doctor. My heart calls for social justice and for collective healing. I find it difficult sometimes to know my role and play it well, since there are so many fronts to fight at…
    The tools you gave us are extremely helpfull, and your work inspires me to try to keep on breathing, pushing, fighting, raging, wondering …
    Thank you, and a big greeting to all of you. Might love unite all of us and give us the power to heal our wounds and this planet.

  • Annbourke says:

    Thank you – truly inspirational. Loved the whole 10 days

  • Annbourke says:

    Thank you so much – it’s been an inspirational journey.

  • rachel says:

    The video for the send off is not opening; appears more like the evening videos? Is the send off live this evening? Thank for a transformational 10 days. I am excited to have a framework for my activism and the tools to begin building change through the practices of revolutionary love.

  • Sequoia Powers-Griffin says:

    Valarie, I feel incredibly nurtured by these 10 days. I’m 80 years old, a former nun (long ago, in my 20s) and have cared passionately for social justice all my life . I was an active feminist in the National Organization for Women in the early 1970s.. I also cofounded an organization called the Lesbian Activist Bureau in the late 1070s.. Then my life took a more private turn. for a variety of reasons. In my retirement I have felt the call to antiracism work and got involved with Black Lives Matter in my home town of Cincinnati. My activism has been curtailed since March 2018 by health issues and most recently by isolation due to pandemic. My self esteem took a hit and I have struggled with depression. But I feel so energized now. Each day with its particular theme has given me so many gifts to work with. I am truly impressed with your leadership, your wisdom, and your deep, deep compassion. You are incredibly charismatic. I love, love, love being inspired and taught by one as young as you. The leadership emerging from young people is so reassuring to an old warrior like me. I really related to Parker Palmer when he talked about working to transcend the limitations of white privilege with its blinkers and blinders. I too want to make use of my privilege for the common good.

    I think it’s wonderful that you have based the 10 principles on Sikh teachings taught by your grandfather. The path is beautiful, bold, and transformative. Also risky.

    My wife Sandy and I have ordered the upgrade so that we can revisit the materials in order to deepen our experience.. We also want to find a community — or build one. If there is any way that your resources can give us information about participation in these 10 days from people in southwest Ohio, southeast Indiana, and northern Kentucky, that would be great. Maybe some kind of geographical sort is available on your software program. If not, any advice you have for finding community is welcome.

    Again, thank you, thank you, thank you! You are truly a gift to the world! Now get some rest. You must be exhausted. Till we meet again, my love.

  • Mary says:

    I was not able to find the website from the chat last nite to order the book and music bundle, but I was able to order it from: https://www.righteousbabe.com/products/revolutionary-love-see-no-stranger found on Ani’s Righteous Babe website. Cost: $40, not including shipping so mine cost about $48. Really loved this program! Will it be available later for people who missed it?

  • Constance Howard says:

    Hoped I could open this on day 11. It appears closed?
    It’s been a wonderful ten days!

  • Lene Santora says:

    Thank you for an amazing journey with you through Revolutionaey Love ❤️ I already had
    bought the book, when it was published and loved it ❤️

  • Jaclyn @ Sounds True says:

    Hi everyone! This is another live event with Valarie, so the video will be available tonight at 8pm ET. Thanks for joining us!

    • Kathy says:

      Thank you! Can the link for the book/cd bundle purchase be posted here please? Didn’t catch it on the Zoom….thanks!

  • Germaine says:

    I did not purchase the upgrade. Perhaps that is why I cannot access the Feb. 1st send off video?

    • Kimberly A Barra says:

      as per comment above from Jaclyn @ Sounds True:
      Hi everyone! This is another live event with Valarie, so the video will be available tonight at 8pm ET. Thanks for joining us!

  • Orion Cy Singh says:

    Sat Nam Valary!
    Such a blessing! So a propos! I hope we will get a chance for more connection in India, America or elsewhere.

    Blessings for you & your loved ones,

    Orion Cy

  • James Abrams says:

    When will the Send-Off video be available? It’s the morning of Feb. 1st Eastern Time here. Will the video come up later on today or this evening? Thanks.

    • Kimberly A Barra says:

      as per comment above from Jaclyn @ Sounds True:
      Hi everyone! This is another live event with Valarie, so the video will be available tonight at 8pm ET. Thanks for joining us!

  • Laura says:

    Feb 1 video doesn’t work

  • sally says:

    video not working!

    • Kimberly A Barra says:

      as per comment above from Jaclyn @ Sounds True:
      Hi everyone! This is another live event with Valarie, so the video will be available tonight at 8pm ET. Thanks for joining us!

  • Eileen M Conlon says:

    Send Off video not working.

    • Kimberly A Barra says:

      as per comment above from Jaclyn @ Sounds True:
      Hi everyone! This is another live event with Valarie, so the video will be available tonight at 8pm ET. Thanks for joining us!

  • K Lady says:

    Powerful. Empowering. Much thankfulness to the Revolutionary Love Project for helping us all participate in the human justice movement.

  • Joseph Kohn MD says:

    Gratitude for your powerful stand, and to those of us who stand with you. ❤️🙏❤️

  • cathy chow says:

    your book & series lifted me up from the pit i went into with the virus!!! thank you… i can continue. continue to help. thanks for the tips… <3

  • TammieThomas says:

    I had email issues so I did not get this until, yesterday. I have been trying to catch up, and it just seems a bit to overwhelming time wise.
    How long will I be able to watch this.

    This is amazing! I want to bring it to my church

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