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Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach Present Two Practical Resources

jack kornfield and tara brach

1) Half-Day At-Home Mindfulness Retreat

In this time of the coronavirus pandemic, we need ways to steady our hearts and care for ourselves and one another. With many people sequestered at home, developing a mindfulness practice can help us center ourselves, build inner resilience, and hold our personal and shared difficulties with true compassion. 

Undertaking a home-based personal retreat can be a powerfully healing and restorative experience. A retreat gives you the opportunity to take refuge from life’s current ups and downs, reconnect with your best self, and learn to embody a spirit of grounded calm.

Suitable for everyone, whether or not you’ve meditated before, this self-guided retreat will combine sitting and walking meditation practices and require about three hours of your time.

Our intention is to allow you to offer yourself precious time to come back to your center and find an anchor in sanity.

In this spirit, we welcome you to enjoy this free retreat and give yourself a powerful gift.

2) "A Steady Heart in the Time of Coronavirus"

An all-new two-part video teaching to help us stay open and connected even while we must keep our distance from each other. While we can’t hold hands, we can bring our hearts closer.

Some Pointers to Prepare for the Retreat

Additional Information

The material is divided into three segments of approximately 45 minutes each. With the scheduled breaks and walking meditation sessions, you will need a little more than three hours to complete this retreat. We encourage you to stick to the schedule and move through the content as presented. The practice of walking meditation will be explained in the first video segment. It may be helpful to determine the location of your walking meditation before you begin the retreat. This location can be indoors or outdoors and would ideally be 10 to 30 paces long. Note: This half-day retreat is drawn from Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach’s immersive 15-hour program, The Power of Awareness: An Online Mindfulness Training to Transform Your Life with Awareness, Compassion, and Well-Being. You can learn more here.

Half-Day Retreat: Part One

Please take the next 20 minutes for walking practice. Once you return from the walk, please take a 10-minute break and then join us again for the following video segment.

Half-Day Retreat: Part Two

Please return to your walking-practice location and take the next 20 minutes for another period of walking meditation. After that 20 minutes, please rejoin us for our final video segment.

Half-Day Retreat: Part Three

A Steady Heart in the Time of Coronavirus