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Radical Compassion Challenge
April 26 to May 5, 2021
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"Arriving in Embodied Presence"
Start Here
Start Here
Teaching and Guided Meditation with Tara Brach ​

Explore the foundations for compassion and well-being in this teaching session and guided meditation for breaking free from the trance of thinking and coming home to the here and now.

Today's “Compassion in Action” Challenge
Today's “Compassion in Action” Challenge
Pause and Breathe ...
Take three deep breaths when you find yourself becoming upset about or preoccupied with something. Tell us how things go for you on our Facebook community page!
Watch Now
Watch Now
Maria Shriver | “Becoming an Architect of Change”

Maria Shriver’s life and career are driven by her fervent belief that everyone has the ability to be an “architect of change” and help to move humanity forward in their own way. In this interview with Tara Brach, learn more about Maria’s personal journey and how her understanding of the value of compassion has matured and unfolded.

Session highlights:

Maria Shriver

Maria Shriver is a mother of four, an Emmy and Peabody award-winning journalist, a seven-time New York Times bestselling author, an NBC News special anchor, and founder of the nonprofit The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement. Always curious about the world, Maria has devoted her life to reporting and interviewing some of the biggest changemakers of our time. In addition to her work for NBC News, she is also the founder of the media enterprise Shriver Media, which produces award-winning documentaries and films, bestselling books, a popular podcast, and a beloved popular weekly email newsletter called “The Sunday Paper.” Her latest book, I’ve Been Thinking…, and its companion, I’ve Been Thinking…The Journal, were written to offer wisdom, guidance, and inspiration to those seeking to create a meaningful life.

Questions for Reflection
Questions for Reflection
Answer the following reflection questions in the comment field below:
  • When have you told yourself that you’re “not enough”?
  • How might you view these situations in a more empowering light?
  • How might you bring more compassion to yourself when self-doubt and self-criticism arise?
  • Joanie says:

    Thinking about the time I thought I “wasn’t enough” at work, just to remind myself my work is fluid, I am benefited, my colleague is benefited and my team is benefited when we are sharing; we are learning, we are building. I don’t need to be “perfect”, I don’t need to take things personally. I will detach from this concept and remind myself I am worthy.

    • F Weiss says:

      Joanie, I feel the same way you do at work. But like you said, we don’t need to be perfect, actually nobody is perfect! I guess we all have to remember that. So glad I am not the only person who thought like you did. 🙂

  • Annabel Van Orshoven says:

    When It want to become a psychotherapist. Now I see that it’s a new field for me and that I have you give myself time to grow and learn. Failure is the mud, the Lotus flower is the practice. Pauzing, do the visualisation of visiting the old me, think of an owl.

  • Helena says:

    In social situations. I try to focus on what’s important. And try to stay true to myself.

  • Alfira says:

    Wonderful. Thank you.

  • Kimberley Rose says:

    As a divine feminine warrior coming into her own, Just what I needed to hear. Thank you Tara and Maria.

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