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iRest Yoga Nidra Immersion

An 8-Week Online Intensive to Accelerate Mind-Body Healing & Spiritual Awakening

Join iRest® founder Dr. Richard Miller for an eight-week course to reset your nervous system for more vibrant health, heal physical and emotional trauma, and open to your most fulfilling and meaningful life.

What You'll Receive

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Lifetime Access

Receive a wealth of powerful content—yours to keep forever

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Guided Practices

Every session includes guided iRest Yoga Nidra practices. Each practice will take you into deeper levels of relaxation and awareness.

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Bonus Material

Enjoy two exclusive iRest meditations with Richard to support your practice

Life-Changing Practices for Vibrant Health, Personal Empowerment, and Inner Transformation

Hi, I’m Dr. Richard Miller. I’m a spiritual teacher, author, yogic scholar, clinical psychologist, and the founder of iRest Yoga Nidra—a simple yet profound practice for connecting with your essential nature and innate sense of unbreakable well-being.

No matter what your outer circumstances are . . . what trauma, addiction, or hardship has plagued your past . . .

iRest will bring you back in touch with that part of you that is always safe, whole, and perfect, just as you are.

When you live from this place, you experience life in a different way. Personal empowerment, creativity, and resilience arise naturally, along with your spiritual unfolding.

I’ve created this iRest Yoga Nidra Immersion in partnership with Sounds True to bring you the in-depth teachings from my weekend intensives wherever you are, whenever you need them.

When you sign up, you’ll receive lifetime access to the entire course, along with two exclusive bonus gifts.

An Empirically Researched Program for Health, Resilience, and Awakening

Based on ancient yoga traditions and adapted for modern life, iRest is an accessible and effective path of meditation developed over decades of practice, study, and research.

Over the years, I’ve seen iRest help veterans and victims of human trafficking truly overcome their post-traumatic stress (PTS) and reclaim their lives, and I’ve watched it help longtime yogis and meditators access even greater spiritual awakening.

I’ve seen people resolve chronic pain, heal from addiction, get off medication, shed unhealthy patterns, enjoy more clarity and creativity, process grief, and access profound states of oneness.

iRest works. But rather than continue to list all the benefits myself, I’d like to let some of my students do the talking:

“I’ve tried so many kinds of meditations previously that seemed to make me more agitated because of my fight-or-flight symptoms. iRest Yoga Nidra is the only one that seems to help . . . I wish every single therapist, doctor, and healer would take this course.” —J.H., San Francisco, CA

“With Richard’s guidance, I entered deeper states of meditation than I’ve ever accessed before.” —Weekend immersion student
“I used to feel like I didn’t trust other people. In meditation, I realized that I didn’t trust myself. It is helping me feel calmer. The calmer I feel, the more I see that people are trying their best.” —J., Afghanistan veteran

The iRest Yoga Nidra Immersion is based on decades of my own personal practice, study, and teaching, as well as extensive empirical research. I invite you to join me for this life-changing—and often life-saving—meditation program.

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With restful awakening,

Richard Miller, PhD


Woman with her eyes closed, Savasana pose

Reset Your Nervous System

Somatic meditations to shift your energy and rewire your brain for greater well-being.

Young man in a forest leaning on a tree with eyes closed

Align with Your Mission

What is your heartfelt reason for being here? Know your mission and live it every day.

Pensive Man With Eyes Closed

Heal Past Trauma

Trauma-sensitive practices to reconnect with the part of you that is whole and unharmed.

Man Asleep in Bed

Improve Sleep and Relaxation

Guided practices to enter into deep states of relaxation and sleep throughout the night.

Women lying in Savasana Pose

Embrace Vibrant Health

Tap into your body’s innate ability to heal itself—physically and energetically.

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Awaken to Oneness

New depths of spiritual awakening unfold as you experience true union with all that is.

Meet Your Guides

Richard Miller

Richard Miller, PhD

iRest was developed by Dr. Richard Miller. Richard is a world-renowned spiritual teacher, author, yogic scholar, researcher, and clinical psychologist who has combined traditional yogic practice with Western psychology and neuroscience. He is committed to bringing the healing benefits of iRest to all segments of the population. In addition to founding the iRest Institute (originally named the Integrative Restoration Institute), Richard is also the cofounder of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) and founding editor of the professional journal of IAYT.

Stephanie Lopez

Stephanie Lopez, LISW-S, C-IAYT

Alongside Richard, Stephanie Lopez will teach many of the lessons in this program. Stephanie is Senior Director, and a senior iRest trainer and retreat leader for the iRest Institute. She also serves as a research consultant, studying the benefits of iRest meditation on issues such as PTS, insomnia, chronic pain, and resilience. Stephanie’s offerings are informed by 25 years of immersion in nondual teachings. As a psychotherapist, yoga therapist, and meditation teacher, she bridges Eastern wisdom with Western psychology and neuroscience to support healing and transformation.

When You Enroll in the iRest Yoga Nidra Immersion, You’ll Receive:

1. Complete Online Video Curriculum

You’ll receive weekly lessons with Richard and his teaching partner, Stephanie. Each lesson includes multiple high-definition videos, information-packed teaching sessions, and full guided practices.

2. Two LIVE Q&As with Richard Miller

Join us for two LIVE Q&A sessions, on October 25 & November 30 at 8 pm ET | 5 pm PT, with Richard. Richard will answer questions about your practice and the course material, as well as provide inspiration and support for your Yoga Nidra journey.

3. Study Guide and Workbook

Included with your course is a digital workbook to facilitate your learning. Here you’ll find supplemental handouts, journaling prompts, practice ideas, and additional recommended reading.

4. Guided Meditations and Practices

Every session includes one or more guided iRest Yoga Nidra practices. Each practice will take you into deeper levels of relaxation and awareness, and you’ll be able to revisit them whenever you’d like.

5. Bonus Gifts

Richard has recorded two exclusive 25-minute audio meditations just for this course: “Being Peace While Navigating Oceans of Change” and “Yoga of Sleep and Dream.”

6. Lifetime Access

The entire course is yours to keep forever. You’ll have lifetime access to the online course, as well as the ability to download course content to your own device. Listen to your favorite practices anywhere and anytime. PLUS, you can earn 14 continuing education credits, AND this program also satisfies the short retreat requirement for iRest Certification.

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Student Testimonials

Marine after three tours in Iraq
Marine after three tours in Iraq
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“I truly believe that iRest helps to save my life every day. It has given me the hope and strength I needed to reconnect myself to the world again.”
Read More
“I am an experienced meditator and found your meditations both surprisingly subtle and profound at the same time. Thank you for your gift, time, and commitment, which is already making a tangible difference in my day-to-day life.”
G., Iraq War veteran
G., Iraq War veteran
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“Instead of feeling like there is something wrong with me, iRest makes me feel like there is something right with me.”
J., Afghanistan veteran
J., Afghanistan veteran
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“I used to feel like I didn’t trust other people. In meditation, I realized that I didn’t trust myself. It is helping me feel calmer. The calmer I feel, the more I see that people are trying their best.”
Vietnam veteran
Vietnam veteran
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“In an all-out effort to end my deep depression, I entered the iRest program … After the first session, I was so relaxed that it lasted until the next session. The techniques are simple and easy to follow anytime and anywhere. I have been able to tolerate my chronic pain and relieve my depression."
Weekend immersion student
Weekend immersion student
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“I’ve been meditating and practicing yoga, including Yoga Nidra, for years—but I’ve never experienced anything like iRest. With Richard’s guidance, I entered deeper states of meditation than I’ve ever accessed before.”

Course Overview

During our eight weeks together, we’ll explore the core principles and practices that lay the foundation for iRest—including the yoga roots from which it emerges and the comprehensive research supporting its effectiveness. You’ll be given everything you need to develop a nourishing practice on the mat, along with an understanding of how to integrate your practice into daily life.

Align with Your Heartfelt Intentions

Session One | Tools for Life: Aligning with Your Heartfelt Intentions

Our first session introduces you to the foundations and history of iRest Yoga Nidra meditation. You’ll explore the yogic origins of this ancient practice, as well as what makes iRest uniquely adapted to modern life. As Richard says, iRest is a collection of “tools for life, the owner’s manual we wish we would’ve received as children.” In this session, you begin learning how iRest can support you in becoming the living potential of yourself—whole, happy, peaceful, and fulfilled. 

Highlights include:

  • The 10-step iRest protocol—experience a complete guided practice
  • Discover your sankalpa—a trio of heartfelt intentions to guide you on and off the mat
  • Dive into the ancient yogic traditions that create the foundation for this powerful practice
  • Inspiring results from Richard’s studies with chronic pain, sleep, PTS, depression, anxiety, chemical dependency, cancer, MS, fertility, and more

Welcome Everything as a Messenger

Session Two | Welcome Everything as a Messenger: Finding Empowerment on Your Path of Devotion

What would happen if you treated everything as a messenger? What if you welcomed every thought, feeling, or occurrence, whether joyful or difficult? This is one of the key concepts you’ll explore during Session Two. This session covers core concepts of meditation in general, and iRest Yoga Nidra specifically. You’ll learn powerful techniques that will have an immediate impact on your meditation practice, whether you’re a complete beginner or have been practicing for years. 

Highlights include:

  • Understand the four essential movements in the art of “welcoming”
  • Explore a time-tested map of the meditative journey, drawn from ancient yoga and Advaita wisdom
  • Nondualism, witness consciousness, and iRest Yoga Nidra as a path to awakening
  • Body sensing—discover the power of working with the homunculus, a map of our motor-sensory experiences

Create a Personal Yoga Nidra Practice

Session Three | On and Off the Mat: Creating a Personal Yoga Nidra Practice

In Session Three, you’ll learn how to expand upon the foundational 10-step iRest protocol to meet your unique needs in any given moment, with whatever is happening in your internal and external worlds. We’ll pay particular attention to how your practice can support your everyday life, as well as what might arise as you move through each kosha—the bodies, or subtle layers, that create your sense of identity. You’ll also begin to develop greater intimacy with your physical body—encountering sensation, opening to pleasure, and experiencing the flows of energy that enliven you. 

Highlights include:

  • Explore the various ways you can engage with iRest on the mat and in your daily life
  • Activate your Inner Resource, your unshakable sense of well-being
  • Discover powerful techniques for working with the breath and sound
  • A guided practice to engage with the pranamaya kosha, your body of breath and energy

Learn to Work with Difficult Emotions

Session Four | Master Your Emotions: Learning to Meet, Greet, and Respond to Challenging Emotions

Session Four explores one of the most unique components of iRest—actually engaging with, rather than simply observing, the thoughts, sensations, and feelings that arise during meditation. To encounter what arises within you from neither disassociation nor enmeshment, but rather from a place of open curiosity and equanimity, is an art that will serve you throughout your life. The practices in this session will help you cultivate an unshakable foundation of resilience.

Highlights include:

  • Meet, greet, welcome, and engage all that arises in your consciousness during meditation
  • Understand how to rely on your Inner Resource for the strength and stability to meet all that arises
  • Welcoming Opposites—a powerful practice for working with difficult feelings and sensations
  • A guided practice to work with the manomaya kosha, the realm of the mind and emotions

Reset Your Nervous System

Session Five | Reset Your Nervous System: Staying Present in Meditation and in Daily Life

What effects does iRest meditation have on your body and brain? In this session, you’ll explore the physical ways iRest changes your brain and nervous system, giving you a glimpse into just how incredibly powerful these practices are. You’ll also gain an understanding of core principles related to change, awareness, and resistance. Finally, you’ll learn to awaken your body’s innate intelligence and your own intuitive wisdom. 

Highlights include:

  • Learn to navigate different states of consciousness in sleeping and waking states
  • What happens to your brain and nervous system during meditation, and how does this affect your life?
  • Move from your default network (think stress and negativity bias) to the present-centered network (embrace insight, spaciousness, and resilience)
  • A guided practice to explore your body’s intelligence and your ability to sense and trust your intuition

Open to Joy and Well-Being

Session Six | Living as Joy and Well-Being No Matter Your Circumstances

It is now time to allow pure joy to erupt into your practice and your life. At this point, you’ve moved through layers of physical sensations, breath, energy, emotions, thoughts, and consciousness. In Session Six, we turn to your body of joy, well-being, and bliss. This is the anandamaya kosha, the body of innate and essential joy that is your true essence. When you learn to weave this layer of your being into your life, you find that resilience, creativity, and meaning naturally flow forth. This session also explores the ways imagery can direct you back to your essential nature. 

Highlights include:

  • How aligning with true joy rewires your brain and nervous system
  • Understand your innate well-being as an underlying, unchanging, and essential part of your true self
  • Work with imagery in meditation—noticing what naturally arises, bringing in opposites, and journeying with particular images
  • A complete guided practice to move through all the koshas thus far and into your essential, joyful nature

Awaken Your Full Human Potential

Session Seven | Awakening to Your Full Human Potential

In Session Seven, you’ll dive into the final stages of iRest—awakening to your full potential, your birthright, and your inheritance as a human being. Through each step of iRest meditation, you’ve entered into deeper and more subtle levels of your awareness. Now, after the bliss and joy of the previous step, you encounter the last, most subtle remaining places of separation. As you meet the final areas of your resistance, you naturally open into your wild, vital, and dynamic essential nature, at one with the cosmos from which you came. At this stage, your waking life is forever changed by what you experience during your meditations. 

Highlights include:

  • The five qualities of your essential nature—spacious, timeless, perfect, complete, and whole
  • Bring your practice into the world—what does waking up mean for your daily life? your relationships? your purpose?
  • Engage with the asmitāmaya kosha, dissolving all separation of the self and the world
  • A guided practice to integrate everything you’ve learned in service of awakening

Embrace iRest as a Way of Life

Session Eight | Embrace iRest as a Way of Life: Living Life as an Authentic Human Being

As this eight-week iRest intensive comes to an end, your personal journey begins. In Session Eight, we explore how the awakening and awareness you experience during your iRest practice helps you effortlessly live as an authentic human being during your everyday life. During this final session, you’ll integrate all you’ve learned so far, explore additional ways to customize your practice, and look at next steps for your Yoga Nidra journey. 

Highlights include:

  • Bring everything together with a full 10-step iRest practice
  • Enter sahaj—your natural, revelatory state of being and awareness
  • How moving through each kosha reveals your true essence
  • Move from striving and anticipation to knowing that there is nowhere to go—your awake nature is already within

Frequently Asked Questions

iRest Yoga Nidra is truly for everyone. Richard has spent decades studying the effects of this work with a variety of populations—from longtime Buddhist meditators looking for more expansive awakening, to soldiers seeking help for PTS. This particular online course will be of interest to anyone who wants to improve health, sleep better, heal trauma, and deepen their path to spiritual awakening. Yoga teachers, healers, and spiritual guides who want to work with diverse populations and understand more effective ways to work with trauma will also be served by this course.

iRest brings together a unique combination of traditional Yoga Nidra, neuroscience, and nondual wisdom. A few of the elements that set iRest apart are incorporating the homunculus theory, the brain’s map of our sensory experience; the ancient art of welcoming; connecting with your Inner Resource and innate sense of well-being; and working with opposites somatically, emotionally, and mentally. iRest has undergone extensive empirical studies as well, which has contributed to its evolution and effectiveness.

Yes. This course satisfies the short retreat requirement for iRest Certification.

Absolutely! You can explore the iRest Yoga Nidra Immersion risk-free for an entire year. If this course fails to meet your expectations for any reason, simply contact Sounds True’s customer service for a full refund.

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