Why We Suffer

with Michael A. Singer

Your Beautiful Mind

with Michael A. Singer

Learning to Let Go

with Michael A. Singer

Why We Suffer

with Michael A. Singer

Learning to Let Go

with Michael A. Singer

Why We Suffer

with Michael A. Singer

Why We Suffer

with Michael A. Singer

Share a personal experience of noticing how the mind can be a very dangerous place.

  • Barbara says:

    Thinking about past relationships that were hurtful and how to stop attracting these Difficult lessons .

  • Frances says:

    When negative thoughts start and you dont block them out and then the negative thing you thought of actually happens

  • Kathy says:

    Worrying about health….. what might happen because of what happened in the past.

  • Marina Kiss says:

    Thank you

  • Marina Kiss says:

    Regretting things

  • Tito says:

    Regretting the past

  • Gordon says:

    The mind can stop you achieving anything

  • Norman says:

    the mind can create false fears

  • Tanacat says:

    I worry a lot – my mind worries a lot. Its dangerous because the delineation between responsible smart planning vsneedless anxiety is hard to know.

  • vincent says:

    the mind keeps fearing past betrays. its ruining my current relationships

  • Gail says:

    Husband left, next husband died

  • Jessica says:

    I try to stay positive and hopeful in my long distance relationship that we will reunite soon. My fear is abandonment, especially in matters of the heart.

  • Kev says:

    I’ve been looking to the outside world for approval in that I’ll be happy when I pass my actuarial exams. I have failed my 3rd last exam 4 times now and my mind has been going crazy telling myself I am not good enough or what I keep doing wrong.

  • Svenja says:

    My mind is all over the past and the future but hardly ever in the present.

  • Deb Parker says:

    My mind goes over past actions and comments repeatedly. It tells me how it should have gone or what I should have said.

  • Rachel says:

    When I was in my 20s and just starting a life with my husband I was afraid of doing and trying new things. He was very out going and he pushed me to try new things. One day he asked me if I wanted to learn how to snow ski. I said yes and off we went. I stayed on the bunny hill which didnt require having to ride the ski lift which was good because I was afraid of heights. I loved it so much that I couldnt wait to go back. The next time I went I wanted to do more than the bunny hill so my husband took me on the ski lift. When I got to a very high place looking down I heard a voice say “Jump” I grabbed on tighter to the chair lift and said to the voice “no” the voice said you can make it, just jump. I thought I was crazy and couldnt understand why the voice (mind) would say that. I knew that if I jumped I would be seriously hurt or dead.

    • Sandy says:

      I would get that to Rachel. Completely irrational and I didn’t know why my mind would be going that way. It was so compelling! I still ski, but cross country – no ski lifts involved.

  • Sandy says:

    I have experienced poor sleep for a long time. When in a sleep deprived state my mind is in a more negative /helpless state. Energy is very poor and there is fear/anxiety circulating freely. It feels like I am a different person when I finally get adequate sleep. The mind is joyful again and energy returns. It’s a roller coaster ride most of the time however. I have steered away from drugs because that is not who I am or want to become.

  • Màrley Rosen says:

    I couldn’t get in touch with my children

  • N says:

    when you ruminate about a problem you’ve had and repeat it over and over to yourself

  • joe says:

    I find myself second guessing every decision and it keeps me stuck

  • Saira says:

    Your mind creates your reality

  • Margot Wedderburn says:

    It’s all those things you just mentioned, it’s so true, it’s exactly as you mentioned the mind to be???

  • John says:

    I am a long time “First Responder” suffering from PTSD. My life has been halted. All i want to do is stay protected in my house. I have a dream of a horse ranch for “First Responders”. Of course anyone would be welcome. Please help.

  • Heidi says:

    My mind seems to slant towards the negative. I would love to learn how to slant towards the positive.

  • Ryan says:

    How do you get to the second video?

  • Petra says:

    My thoughts and my imagination served me as an escape from the traumatic events in my childhood I could not control (war, domestic violence, poverty, emotional and sexual abuse). So I created a separate reality and I would always daydream. Im 35 now and I came to see how this is something that I used as a”survival tactic” throughout my entire life. It has often been a challenge for me to remove my thoughts and have focus or clarity. The most dangerous place I had been was when I got suicidal, wanting all those emotions to stop and my mind to go quiet. Once I surrendered, gratitude flowed in as I saw all the suffering as a greatest gift I was offered. It was an opportunity for growth.

    • Deborah Boily says:

      Bless you Petra, you have been through more than most. I am looking forward to hearing more from this course and I wish you very much peace and success in your life.

  • Jill says:

    I think about illnesses in my family and wonder how those people felt and then lay awake wondering if I have those symptoms or what I’d do if I had cancer or another major illness.

  • Bernard says:

    Having suffered in the past from severe anxiety episodes My mind often makes me relive and fear this happening again

  • John Heney says:

    I have a problem with marriages i have 4 of them.

  • Deborah Boily says:

    Any thought that comes along telling me l am “less than”. I am not attractive any more, l don’t succeed at meditation, l can’t seem to manifest my goals, l can’t lose these few pounds, on and on..

  • Michelle says:

    The mind is a powerful gift to growth

    • Màrley Rosen says:

      I agree michelle. I try to make my mind learn by this that is happening ,and say to myself what does my higher power trying to tell me.

  • Anna LaNave says:

    Ruminating on what if..all or nothing

  • Steve P. says:

    Assuming to much detail about other people and assuming wrongly – who I am – can be a big problem

  • Marlena Kotas says:

    wooow, This is just great,

  • Lilla says:

    The Mind thinks it’s trying to improve itself by berating itself
    Conscious loving kind thoughts is what will bring us through to our next level of harmony

  • Dr. Steevie Jane Parks says:

    Really good material that is communicated freely and expertly

  • Kathy says:

    What I have noticed is how easily our thoughts can bring us to a place of fear and anxiety. Presently, the unrest in our country has left me with a pit in my stomach. I’ve limited myself of the amount of news I watch.and listen to meditations in an effort to release what I have no control over, but it’s a struggle.

  • lM says:

    Living with the feeling of failure.

  • Pat says:

    My mind can create a problem where there isn’t one

  • B J says:

    I keep reflecting or revaluating conversations or encounters to justify if I was right

  • PJ says:

    I tell myself negative stuff without even realizing it

  • LM says:

    It’s tough to live spending my life feeling as a failure.

  • April says:

    Sure, I’ve been miserable enough for years so that I no longer even cared for my life at all. Fighting reality and how things ‘should’ have been.

  • Shar says:

    I’m working toward living in the moment, enjoying it, and not overthinking. I can make assumptions about how another person feels about me but when I ask them I find out what I was thinking is the furthest from their mind. I’m working on letting things be, not making assumptions & loving myself. My mind can be dangerous because it will make up bazaar scenarios from distorted thinking. I feel myself changing and I like it. It’s way overdue. Rules that our parents made & that we made do not apply now. I am 73 and it’s about time.

  • Elisa says:

    Example as a nurse reading a book about a disease or about cancer and them you experience a s/s of something r/t a disease and you mind start thinking you have that disease bc you experience experience a symptom from the book etc. Then you realized if I had that i will be death by now.

  • Kate says:

    Im constantly find myself thinkk g about other people and what they are thknking about me.

  • Tim says:

    I’m constantly having negative thoughts. Those negative thoughts bring me down and then I act out in such a way that everyone sees it. I’m a very emotional person also and I don’t know how to display them in a positive way.

  • Alea says:

    I noticed today, I was asking a question in a course and the response I got did not make sense to me. It made me instantly upset and I automatically get feeling like the instructor is out to lunch and I’m going to fail the course!! It puts me in such a bad mood when I ask for help but dont get the answer that I’m looking for. Maybe this is the problem? I think I know the answer and in some ways I do (this is theory vs practical stuff in nursing) but I have to give in to what the instructor says because she is the one that marks the tests….

  • Anneke says:

    I am doing well and I am trying to be in the moment amap and then somebody makes an unkind remark and this is difficult for me to let go
    almost obsess about it, until I realize that I can Relax and Release into it.

  • Margareta says:

    When I think about my Future, I mostly never think positiv thoughs.

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