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The People's Inauguration

10 Days to Activate Revolutionary Love


January 22–31, 2021

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Day 10

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Daily sessions will unlock as they become available, and will be accessible for the duration of the free 10-day event.


Teaching and practice with Valarie Kaur

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Today’s teaching and guided inquiry invite us to understand the role of joy in our labors, to connect with what brings us joy, and how to create the conditions for joy on a daily basis.
Home Practice
1. Create the conditions for joy. What is your “dance time”?

2. What did you learn from the joy? How can you bring more of it in?


Interview and live Q&A

with Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis, and Dr. Parker J. Palmer: “Joy”
musical performance by Ani DiFranco and the Resistance Revival Chorus

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Joy is the gift of love. More than just a feeling, joy is the core practice that sustains all others. Joy returns us to everything good and beautiful and worth fighting for, giving us energy for the long labor. Iconic musician Ani DiFranco’s new album, Revolutionary Love, was inspired by Valarie’s work. Here, she performs new songs with special guests the Resistance Revival Chorus. Valarie also interviews Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis, and Dr. Parker J. Palmer about how they make room for joy amid the suffering they encounter in their work.

Moderated by: Melissa Ann Canlas, EdD

Session Highlights:
  • Why is joy a necessary practice of revolutionary love?
  • Noticing and protecting your joy each day
  • Joy as an act of moral resistance and reimagining
  • Keeping a joy or gratitude journal
Compass of Revolutionary Love
Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco is a feminist icon, Grammy winner, and mother of the DIY movement, having been one of the first independent artists to create her own record label—Righteous Babe Records—in 1990. While she has been known as the “Little Folksinger,” her music has embraced punk, funk, hip-hop, jazz, soul, electronica, and even more distant sounds. Her collaborators have included Prince and R&B legend Maceo Parker, and she has shared the stage with everyone from Bob Dylan to Chuck D. She is the author of a memoir, No Walls and the Recurring Dream. Ani’s transcendent new album, Revolutionary Love, was inspired by Valarie Kaur’s work and gives voice to our deepest frustrations and tensions, both personal and political.

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis

Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis

Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis is co-chair of the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival, which has organized the largest coordinated wave of nonviolent civil disobedience in 21st-century America. She is also director of the Kairos Center for Religions, Rights, and Social Justice. A graduate of UPenn and Union Theological Seminary, Liz has been published in the New York Times and Time magazine, among many others, and is the author of Always with Us?: What Jesus Really Said about the Poor. In 2018 she gave her “Building a Moral Movement” TED Talk at TEDWomen and was named one of the Politico 50 “thinkers, doers, and visionaries whose ideas are driving politics.”

Parker J. Palmer, PhD

Parker J. Palmer, PhD

Parker J. Palmer, PhD, is the founder and senior partner emeritus of the Center for Courage & Renewal. As an activist, his work focuses on issues of education, community, leadership, spirituality, and social change. He is the author of 10 books, including the bestselling titles The Courage to Teach, Let Your Life Speak, and Healing the Heart of Democracy. Dr. Palmer was named one of 25 “visionaries who are changing your world” by Utne Reader, and in 2010 he was given the William Rainey Harper Award, whose previous recipients include Margaret Mead and Elie Wiesel. He holds a PhD in sociology from the University of California at Berkeley, as well as 11 honorary doctorates.

Resistance Revival Chorus

Resistance Revival Chorus

Resistance Revival Chorus is a collective of 70+ women and nonbinary singers who join together to breathe joy and song into the resistance, and to uplift and center women’s voices, especially the voices of Black women and women of color. Members are touring musicians, actors, Broadway performers, solo recording artists, gospel singers, political activists, educators, filmmakers, artists, and more, representing a multitude of identities, creative backgrounds, and causes. The chorus was founded in the wake of the 2017 Women’s March and strives to address how historically marginalized women have been in the music industry. Their debut album, This Joy, features original compositions along with protest classics.

Melissa Ann Canlas, EdD

Melissa Ann Canlas, EdD (Moderator)

Melissa Ann Canlas, EdD, is the director of education at the Revolutionary Love Project and a full-time faculty member in the School of Education at the University of San Francisco. Dr. Canlas’s research and teaching focus on issues of educational equity and human rights. As a lifelong educator, Dr. Canlas believes that education should be directed toward learning to love and care for one another as we build systems where every person can live in wellness and dignity.

  • Cedar says:

    Thank you, Valerie so much. What a lovely way you have of inviting us all in to this journey.. I can’t begin to say all the ways what you have created and offer is so incredible. An assignment in art class was to create sculpture by weaving, All I could think of was how broken our country is and longing to weave it together. So, during the 10 days of revolutionary love I created a sculpture with writing to go with it. I finished it around day 6 or 7. I have attached the writing but the picture of the sculpture won’t load. I hope you might give me an email or a way to send it all together to you.


    The Land, it was dark and torn asunder by greed, hate and fear. It seemed everyone was sad and afraid.

    Still, the people gathered. They reached out, came together and circled the Land.

    They called to the trees and the grass who offered up the Green of growing. They beckoned to the stars and the sun in the Heavens who quickly came with the light of the Holy. They begged the flowers and then opened to receive. Purple, Yellow, Red, oh every color you can imagine came bursting forth with delight. They turned to the Ocean and up rose the Blue of new beginnings.

    The people danced and began to weave the colors of life throughout the Land. Within each of them and between them the colors swirled and began to weave the Land together. Love now held the land together and Joy began to live there once more.

  • Pat Samples says:

    This whole series has been stunning. Every single session soothed me, unsettled me, stretched me, awakened me, and activated me. I so appreciate how the breath and depth of what you offered has been creating the kind of spaciousness in my mind, spirit, and body that will keep me remembering how big the challenges are and how big I am, as an individual and in collaboration with others. Thank you, Valarie, and thank you to all the mystic activists who joined you. I have been deeply opened, expanded, en-couraged. I have shifted huge boulders out of the earth that have weighted me down. Here I go!

  • Helen Resneck-Sannes says:

    I am an international trainer for bioenergetics and would have loved more time opening the body, but everything else was superb. I have been feeling a sense of joy since the attack on the capitol. Yes, it was violent but not the fighting in the streets, and now with guns, that I saw Trump pushing for on his first run for office and never stopped. Yes, it was violent and yes people were afraid . . .a fear I have felt since I was 9 years old and Jewish in Klan country in the 50-60s. But, we have wonderful people in Georgia and in the Senate and the House and people like this entire group who carry on the work of social justice , . . .that I began in the 60s. I almost went on anti-depressants twice while Trump was in office.
    It is definitely a marvelous new beginning and opportunity and the womb is wide open. And you are a giver of that energy. Thank you.

  • Maggie says:

    Wow! I can’t wait to use this resource! And all this the tools etc. it’s really quite Fantastic! Sending LOVE

  • Jostine says:

    Valarie, thank you so much for offering us this framework and practice of Revolutionary Love. I am deeply blessed throughout this 10-day journey. Thank you to Sounds True, to Melissa, to all the panelists, and to all of us who are part of this beautiful journey.

    I will be taking the lessons, practices, reflections, and insights with me. And I will continue to labor in love for our collective healing, justice, and transformation. I’m happy to be co-creators with you dear brothers and sisters. Thank you!

  • Brad Toews says:

    Wow, what a way to finish! Valerie, sister, from the bottom and all sides of my heart, thank you for showing up with all that you have and all that you are to serve this community. I can now say I’m ready for 2021 with all it’s pain and glory, and all it’s suffering and love.

  • Vallerie Benjamin says:

    Thank you for these revolutionary 10 days!
    You are all a blessing to the world.

  • Kathy Walker says:


  • rachel says:

    I was able to download the whole album of Ani’s- but See No Stranger is not on there? Is the single available someplace else?

  • Sheila Simpson says:

    What a beautiful inspiring series! Thank you, Valarie, for your generous heart, your inspiring lessons, your great kindness in teaching and offering permissions to access our inner wisdom. Your life is GIFT and I am forever grateful for you in this life and in this time.

  • Jo L Soske says:

    Thank you for these ten days

  • Laurie says:

    Thank you so much Valarie! I thought I was feeling the darkness of the tomb after the January 6th insurrection, and I was in search of something to lift me. I received the email for the People’s Inauguration, and this was exactly the answer to my search! Prior to the start of this incredibly amazing journey, I felt all these pieces floating around inside of me, with questions like: What can I do to change my perspective? And, how can I connect to those who are so angry in our nation right now? And now, at the culmination of this beautiful journey with you and all the other amazing and inspiring guests you brought in, I realize I have actually been feeling the darkness of the womb! My perspective has shifted; I have connected with some of the angry people in a heart felt way, by using the teachings in the practice of “tending the wound”; I have reconnected with the joy within – knowing it’s always there, I just need to remember how important it is to tap into everyday; and I feel empowered with your Revolutionary Love Compass, as a guide to keep practicing!
    The Revolutionary Love Project work you are putting out in the world, comes at the perfect time! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Mimi Lane says:

    Where can I get the book and the Ani DiFranco album? Not on zoom so I cannot find it in the chat! Wonderful evening! Looking forward to Day 11! Thank you for this wonderful 10 days! Mimi Lane

  • Lynn Walton says:

    Where can you get that song with “see no monsters ….” (and who was that by?) that was playing at the beginning of the Day 10 recording before the Resistance Revival Chorus kicked it off with their title from This Joy?

  • Pat says:

    It will come

  • p michael q says:

    Thank you all for this joyful, meaningful, end continually revolutionary experience!

  • Mary says:

    Can you give us the link to purchase Valarie’s book and Ani’s CD?

    • Sheila Simpson says:

      I kindly suggest whenever possible we purchase Valarie’s book, and any other books through local independent bookstores who support their communities in myriad ways, and who have struggled through this past year of COVID. These stores deserve our support.

  • Terry Irish says:

    Gratitude and full of joy after hearing the speakers tonight, two of whom I have heard speak before and have several of Parker Palmer’s books that I love.

  • Pam says:

    tears of joy

  • Kim says:

    Parker Palmer’s book, “A Hidden Wholeness” changed my life. Inspired by his book, many of my closest friends have participated in “Quaker Circles” and discovered our truest calling. Thank you, you have sown many seeds that will live long after you.

  • Stacy Raye says:

    I appreciate this series so very much Valarie, thank you. I joined when I could and want to catch up on the sessions I missed.

  • Kate says:

    Thank you for these 10 days. I feel grounded and encouraged and more clear about what we are moving through and a part I can play.

  • Marijo says:

    Dear Valerie and Co., What joy and purpose you have brought into my life during this 10 day odyssey! I’m interested in seeing a website where people share their stories, as Valerie did, that encourage all of us as we continue to breathe and push. Some of the best stories might be collected into a book. Many blessings on your life and continued good works!

  • Ila Roy from Maryland says:

    This was an amazing journey. Can’t thank you sufficiently Valarie and guests. I am filled with hope and excitement for the possibilities the future brings and look forward to practicing the 9 principles you taught us.

  • Terra says:

    I only hear music too

  • Ginger says:

    This hasn’t started yet, right? I only hear music.

  • Bonnie Shulman says:

    I’ve been along the entire journey and thank you from the bottom of my expanded heart!

  • Sally Christy says:

    I’m so looking forward to this evenings program but also sad to know it’s our last time together. Thank you for every bit of it. Well done and much appreciated. Love to you all. Sally Christy, Washington State.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Dear Valarie and Melissa, This has been a wonderful 10 day journey. I feel greatful and humbled by these teachings. During these times it seems like the perfect storm has brought many of us to our knees and the inner activist has been activated. Your teachings, your heart, wisdom and experience has translated into our hearts a deep feeling of our shared community. Deep Pranam and Love, Beth

  • Mary says:

    Inspired Joy Rocks!

  • Debra Sands says:

    Sweet JOY… Thank you so very much Valarie for these 10 inspiring, uplifting and nourishing days. I feel stronger, determined however humbled to continue my life journey of truth however better equipped mentally & Physically. It is fabulous to to gather the knowledge, apply the action as it equals fabulous POWER., good power♥️
    Looking forward to the zoom session to follow. Thank you one and all 🙏🏽♥️🌹

  • Dona Ferry says:

    I am a 79 year old who woman who has been a teacher and I have been an advocate for racial justice, women’s rights and environmental concerns for forty years. There has been much frustration during those years and many joys. Now I feel I have more to offer and my gift is teaching. I would love to purchase this program and use it to teach it in my church and community. I could never produce anything so wonderful. What are the copyright issues? Thanks for such an inspiring and hopeful program.

  • Alf Bashore II says:

    I am a co-creator of several long living music clubs in my area. My greatest JOY or “Dance Time” is when a roomful of people of various talents come together to share music in unity with each other, to create beauty with musical instruments and voice, and to know that the magical musical time continues on and on like a loving ripple across each of our lives. Thank You.

  • Tatiana says:

    Thank you very much for your marvelous teachings. You took me into an increíble tríp to myself and brought me peace and joy. I hope the revolutionary love may be posible and You continue fighting for tolerance and equity.
    Tatiana García

  • Susan says:

    Definitely a meaningful, touching, inspiring way to begin the New Year…thank you! Have purchased the seminar series in that other than the initial day was only able to listen to Valerie’s daily teachings and practices. Looking forward to experiencing the interviews, the music and revisiting Valerie’s teachings and practices. Feeling blessed… Again, much appreciation and love…


    The death of George Floyd, was another tragic death of another African American man at the hands of police officers, who like so many others I believe would not get justice, with the officers more than likely getting off scott free. The BLUE WALL. He was just another African American killed by police officers who would not get justice. It was happening again and yet again. I was hurt and sad and disgusted with the system that discounts the lives of Afican Americans and the courts and the laws that make that possible. In the mist of that I had great joy when I saw the solidarity of people of all races and ages coming together and saying enough is enough. You have killed Black and Brown people to long with no justice and enought is enough. And in that moment I could feel the winds of change blowing and my joy rose even higher. WhenI think about what the dealth of George Floyd, has sparked I have great joy. I am in the fight and it may not be in my lifetime, but as long as I live I will be in the fight for racial equality for all.

  • Laurie says:

    Wow! A completely nourishing 10 days! I didn’t intend to make it a must-see internet series, but that is what it became. I have asked myself through the series: how can I do more? How can I show up more? I am not an activist (at this point) but you and all guests have opened my eyes in so many ways. All week long, I’ve looked at strangers with eyes that said you are a part of me I do not yet know. Daily I’ve reread my hand-written oath posted on the refrigerator promising to to faithfully execute MY role, whatever it reveals itself to be and one that I have been opened to better seeing. Such a beautiful offering. Thank you.

  • Kristina Bulik Hocum says:

    Thank you
    Time to breathe
    My physical body has been reacting all week
    Perhaps it is coming back to life, out of the numbness

  • Michelle says:

    Gorgeous and Loving !! Thank you !!

  • David Brostrom says:

    Bravo Valerie, and everyone involved in these blissy 10 days! Let’s keep the beautiful momentum rumbling forward. One way may be to create more ‘See No Stranger’ international book groups, like we did in August and September. I’m sure many of us with experience would keep that reading torch brightly lit. If there’s interest, I would lead more ‘See No Stranger’ book groups. Please email to show your interest: davidbrostrom99@gmail.com

  • Char T says:

    As a 72 year old woman, I know that I will not live to see the fruits of my labors to bring light, love, and joy into this world, unless of course I come back in another body, which I hope to do. However, I have faith that my 4 year old grandson may see some of the benefit in his life and will carry on the work that has been on-going for centuries past and into the future. Thank you for all the beautiful gifts you have shared in these 10 days and for the inspiration to create this amazing space for us in the first place. Many blessings to all who have been a part of this monumental and marvelous experience.
    OM Shanti

  • Patricia Heitz says:

    Thank you for all your labor of creating revolutionary love in a system to share with us! Although I have not been able to watch every single day, I felt that I was able to watch the ones that I was supposed to and that resonated the most with me. I am particularly engaged with the idea of wondering about our opponents as we all strive to find unity with those who disagree with our beliefs for how we should live our lives in this country.
    I have been working on my spiritual growth and healing my wounds since I was awakened to do this being diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2002. I was able to learn and take responsibility for how I contributed to that physical wound that showed up in my body and now live a thriving life! Right now I am listening to the works of Lao True and the Tao Te Ching.
    The core teaching is to allow and not resist. The idea is the more you resist the more resistance pushes back. I’ve been practicing this in my life and I find it miraculous! I am thinking that in your diagram, the word FIGHT, could possibly be substituted with the word labor, or something similar as the word “fight” implies resistance. Thank you again for sharing your passion for love and I look forward to more of your teachings!

  • Steve Tuttle says:

    Thank you for a challenging 10 days. Much to ponder, wonder about, learn, practice. One question I would like to see addressed…there is a passage in the Old Testament that says “the sins of the fathers will be visited upon the children.” Meaning, imo that within a family generational abuse, violation, brokenness can impact subsequent generations of the family. In summoning the ancestors, what can be done to break the chain of abuse, (sin)whatever it is called, so subsequent generations are not impacted negatively?

  • Cate Bradley says:

    Valarie, this series has encapsulated the seed wisdoms that I’ve been working with for 45 years, and it has been so clear and cogent- THANK YOU!!

    Some of my colleagues and I at our community yoga studio are now in discussion about how to bring this work, more broadly, into our community and our institutions- into our community darkness of the womb..

    I have and feel joy with this work.

    Grace and blessings to you, all the presenters, and your beloveds.


  • Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart says:

    Joyful play like a child is how I create my sacred marks.

  • Jim says:

    My research over the past 20 years had shown that there is a critical mass of spiritual growth collectively in the world but that it will take about 10,000 years to come to full fruition. I won’t be therer to wotness it but tthe energy I contribute to it will still exist.

  • carrie stearns says:

    As this wonderful 10 days of such rich offering comes to a close I imagine many may feel bereft that what has felt so present and alive fades back into the virtual world. I would like to know how we can connect with one another to keep the flame of revolutionary love burning bright ? Can you share some of the ways you envision taking the next steps together? Thank you!

  • Irene Lambert says:

    I am for some reason not able to access the live broadcast!!! Blessings and Love!

  • Angela says:

    How do we join the live broadcasts?

    • Paul Bernstein, Ph.D. says:

      You click on the large green rectangle near t he top of this webpage (that says “Interview and Live Q&A”) at 8 pm Eastern Time (5pm Pacific Time), Angela..

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