— Sounds True Presents —

Trauma Skills Summit.

August 17–26 2020

— Sounds True Presents —

Trauma Skills Summit.

August 17–26 2020

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— Sounds True Presents —

Trauma Skills Summit.

August 17–26 2020

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— Sounds True Presents —

Trauma Skills Summit.

August 17–26 2020

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Day 2

Day 2 will be available Tuesday, August 18, 2020.

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Trauma and Addiction

Peter A. Levine, PhD
Founder of Somatic Experiencing® trauma recovery

Why do we find that people with trauma histories usually have some level of addiction? So often, trauma leads to states of dysregulation. Without other support, many people turn to substances to address the dysregulation they experience. Unfortunately, this approach offers only a temporary fix, and what’s more, actually increases the dysregulation over time. In this session, Dr. Peter Levine helps us understand the connections between trauma, addiction, and shame, providing tools and body-based practices for breaking the cycles.

Session Highlights:

  • An overview of the different types of substances different personalities tend to be drawn to
  • The physiology and role of the vagus nerve in our bodies, and what occurs when we experience trauma
  • The role of toxic shame in feeding addictive behaviors
  • How working with the breath is a powerful way to regulate the nervous system
Peter A. Levine, PhD

Peter A. Levine, PhD

Dr. Peter Levine received his doctorate in medical biophysics from the University of California, Berkeley, and also holds a doctorate in psychology from International University. He has worked in the field of stress and trauma for over 40 years and is the developer of the Somatic Experiencing method. Dr. Levine’s original contribution to the field of body psychotherapy was honored in 2010 when he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy. That same year, he also received the honorary Reiss-Davis Chair in Child Psychiatry for his innovative contribution to therapy for children and adolescents.

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Is Your Brain Stuck in a Chronic Fight, Flight, or Freeze Response?

Annie Hopper
Founder of the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™

Anxiety, chemical sensitivities, exhaustion, and chronic pain syndromes were on the rise before the coronavirus pandemic, but the effects of COVID-19 have led to health challenges beyond the virus itself—leaving many people in a chronic fight, flight, or freeze stress state. When the brain is stuck in this state, we find ourselves looping in the same self-protective thoughts, emotions, and behaviors—creating the very patterns that reinforce the state itself. Join Annie Hopper, founder of the Dynamic Neural Retraining System, as she shares practical information about this self-directed, neuroplasticity-based program to help you get unstuck and improve your health.

Session Highlights:

  • The role of the limbic system in the fight, flight, or freeze response
  • How the Dynamic Neural Retraining System can help you to get “unstuck”
  • How to identify and stop unwanted thoughts, emotions, and behaviors associated with a chronic fight, flight, or freeze response
Annie Hopper

Annie Hopper

Annie Hopper is a limbic system rehabilitation specialist with a global mission: to take the “mystery” out of “mysterious illness.” Hopper empowers people with the tools that they need to rewire their brains, transform their health, and reclaim their lives. In 2008, after recovering from debilitating chronic illness, Hopper founded the Dynamic Neural Retraining System—a drug-free, neuroplasticity-based approach to rewire neural pathways in the brain that are associated with a maladapted stress response. The program assists in decreasing symptoms associated with many illnesses such as anxiety, chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, food sensitivities, Lyme disease, and many other chronic conditions. She has lectured throughout North America and abroad, educating both patients and doctors alike about the connection between environmental toxins, brain trauma, physical health, and self-directed neuroplasticity. Speaking engagements include the Parliament House, Helsinki, Finland; the Brain Injury Association of Canada; the American Academy of Environmental Medicine; the Institute for Functional Medicine; the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association; McMaster University Teaching Hospital; the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health; the Academy of Comprehensive Medicine; the Autism Education Summit; the Forum for Integrative Medicine; and the International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illnesses.

Inspired by today’s presentations?
Share your insights below.

  • Samantha says:

    I’ve had so much trauma I can barely remember my past. Is there a way to get my memories back?

  • Ann Lyon says:

    Hi! Thank you all , ever so much! Organizing and having this space of time with all this knowledge and revealing of tools is amazing for each of us who have been on a pathway of healing. Many of us Walking and waking for a very long time. I have often felt stuck for many years doing all the things I know to do , merely keeping my head above water. I look forward to implementing much of what I’m being exposed to, as well as recommitting to some teachings I had forgotten. Thank you for offering this to us!

  • Rhonda says:

    Dr. Levine has validated for me the ancients. Thank you for your time and sharing your experience.

  • pauline says:

    i really enjoyed today’s presentations they were very interisting & helpful. thank you both very much

  • Patty says:

    Thank you to Peter and Jeffery. A very interesting and touching presentation.

  • Rachel Hill says:

    How could I access all of this as have only discovered it now and will not be able to listen to it all soon? Is there a link please?

  • Natasha says:

    Thank you so much for today. I learned a lot and indirectly felt so seen and heard as someone who has been injured, rather than as a malingerer, drama queen etc. Looking forward to tomorrow!

  • Sonia Sanchez says:

    I really enjoyed this trainings very helpful and will help me in the Human Services work I do. It will help me have more knwledge.

  • Sian says:

    Does anyone know if CPD certificates of attendance are provided for these events please?

  • Sarah says:

    Is there a way to get the graphics that were shared in this presentation?

  • Elizabeth says:

    I particularly enjoyed Annie Hopper’s presentation, knowing she was speaking from experience, It made a lot of sense to me. Also Peter Devine’s. Am enjoying all of them very much. Thank you to Sounds True for making these available.

  • Sylvie says:

    Thank you so much to bring new tools to understand and to heal suffering

  • Alana Perry says:

    Presentations over the last two days have been amazing and really provides a grounding in the understanding of the complexity of trauma and all its dimensions. Looking forward to day 3.

  • Jason says:

    Really enjoyed the two speakers I have seen today. I’m familiar with Peter Levine and always enjoy his lectures! Annie Hopper was a pleasant surprise and gave an awesome presentation on the Limbic system and how it can be at the root of chronic illness. Getting the brain unstuck from Fight, Flight or Freeze made a lot of sense to me. I’ll be exploring this option further. Thank you Dr. Rutstein!

  • Shari W Baker says:

    Hi Jeffrey, I missed Deb Dana yesterday. Is it still possible to view? Thank you. Shari, LMHC

    • Alisha says:

      Hi Shari, yes, Deb’s sessions is still available to view. Just click on Day 1 in the left hand navigation bar… she’s the second video down.

  • William Harrison says:

    Very knowledgeable

  • CorinaEmy says:

    I will start to look t my migranes in a new way… hm.

  • orsi varga says:

    Thanks you, the celts ancients age is so true. How they talk,act,play music pure medicine. So far in the time.Look Hans-Andre Stamm : Jamie song or Yaima songs. I did nat find for so long traumainformed doctors, years spended in isolation…only listened music.It helped so much. very inspiration summit.

  • Alex says:

    These sessions have been amazing so far. As someone who deals with anxiety stomachaches, I’m so excited to try the Voo breath technique! I haven’t watched Annie Hopper’s presentation yet but I’m also really excited since everyone seems so hyped in the comments. I’ve been a bit stalled in my trauma recovery as of late and wondering why I’ve slowed in my progress, but what I’ve learned from the few sessions I’ve already attended makes me feel really equipped and hopeful for the near future. Thank you to everyone involved for putting this out into the world.

  • Laura says:

    Thank you for all the insightful information. As a Yoga teacher, I am emphasizing on trauma and how to help with PTSD as well. Thank you, also for myself I have been stuck for a long time, I’m going to go further and try your assessment.

  • jo says:

    Glad to know of Hopper’s work. And acknowledgement of the condition. But agree it was an infomercial.

  • Ashly says:

    Thankful for the lecture by Dr Levine. The visual provided of streams and vortexes was particularly helpful and insightful.

  • Stephanie Wohl says:

    No sound today

  • Vicki says:

    I am loving and learning soooo much here, thank you. Loved Dana from yesterday!

  • Karen Steele says:

    Very grateful for y
    our time Peter. Please look after yourself.

  • Aekyung says:

    Waking up the world day2!
    How fascinating that mind and body connected.
    It was so happy to find there’s great pioneers like Peter and Annie who helping people with truly sound methods.
    More Consciousness and less sensitivity for happy healthy now, Me and We!!
    Thank you and looking forward to tmrw’s summit! xoxo

  • Patty Lancaster says:

    Peter Levine is a true gift, his life’s work has inspired me to know my clients well. Thank youn

  • Shalini says:

    I’ve enjoyed all the presentations greatly so far, but was also disappointed in Annie Hopper’s – I found it superficial and rather like an infomercial.

    • Constance says:

      After living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities for 20 years and then finding Annie Hopper’s DNRS program a couple years ago, I can assure you that she and the program are in no way “superficial”… Life changing and grateful would be the two things that come to mind immediately when I hear her name or DNRS or Limbic System mentioned… I do not know what your challenges are, but Annie Hopper and her DNRS program are so worth putting forth the effort to improve/change your life. Wishing you health and all the best~

      • Mar says:

        Thanks Constance,
        I am also recovering from MCS and EHS after many years of spending unuseful time and money with other treatmets. I am also a Craniosacral therapiest myself and I know the Nervous system quite well, and DNRS is giving m,e back my Brain and my Health. It is the best investement you can do on yourself to finaly take responsability of your own Health, instead of waiting that someone does it for you. Only you can heal yourself and Annies retraining program is the best tool for it. Really resource oriented and worth giving it a chance. I am thankful i found it!

      • Inge says:

        But how does one incorporate developmental trauma into DNRS given that Annie ‘wants to be as far away as possible from trauma’. That doesn’t exactly work when one has trauma in addition to a whole list of illnesses. Any thoughts most welcome. Does it have to be one or the other, not both?

  • Momma Donna says:

    Dr Levine is so well spoken. The breathing tip will be helpful. I’m joking forward to trying to get my husband to do it with me. He probably won’t, but…coregulating would be best.
    I was really looking forward to the skills offered for the second lecture on brain stuck in fight, flight or freeze. However, I felt like Ms. Hopper made more of an infomercial for her program and gave as little actual “how to” information as possible. Basically saying only ” you have to lift your mood”. That’s great. Thanks Annie. My complex/developmental PTSD is cured because I danced or played music today.
    Jeffery this was disappointing. This topic could have been covered by someone who could have actually offered us help.
    Thank you for trying though. I do mean that. I’ll just keep hopeful

    • Katherine says:

      I can’t recommend Annie Hopper’s DNRS program enough. It is deep work, worth the investment in both time and money, that has been really helpful for my own complex/developmental PTSD. I wish you the very best.

  • Shannon says:

    So awesome! Thank you. Keep Climbing Strong my friends.

  • Zebedee says:

    I was struck by Peter A Levine’s comments about the two vortex relating to trauma and bliss and the need to get this in balance to enable self healing to take place. It is my belief that only when we embrace the light and shade of ourselves and face our trauma can we ever make possible the healing and release we seek. Excellent interview. I value new natural approaches to healing and therapy that are less invasive and unlikely to add another layer of trauma to an individual. Thank you Jeffrey and Peter for sharing your knowledge and insights. All the best, Zebedee

  • Ana says:

    From Peter Levine:
    – The concept of titration and pendulation
    – The breach in the stream and the way the two vortices are connected by “the bliss bypass”
    – Holding polarities together
    – I am alive and I am real
    – The stone temple (loved the image and what it represents)
    It´s always an enormous honor to learn from Peter.

    From Annie Hopper:
    – It reminded me about Byron Katie´s Work (questioning the mind)
    – The concept of lymbic impairment (it was new to me)
    – The POP´s

  • Nelia says:

    Thank you for this great opportunity to watch from South Africa. What a learning curve this has been so far!! Much appreciated.

  • Louise Sarah says:

    What space do you hold for “fawn” in fight, flight, freeze response?

    • Laura says:

      Such an interesting question and I was wondering the same thing. Upon reflection, initially, fawning strikes me as more of a result of interpersonal trauma. However, I imagine some clients who experience the fawn response as a result of trauma that was not interpersonal as well. The best I can figure (when thinking about polyvagal theory, specifically) is that it we’re seeing a maladaptive approach/connection instinct to the source of danger (ventral vagal). If we approach and connect, how can it be dangerous? Open to more thoughts on this – so interesting!

  • Elite Chan says:

    I really appreciate Jeffery leading good conversation with two speakers and asked those wisdom questions.
    Peter Levine explained clearly about addiction and shame and demonstrated how to do exercises.

  • Jelly Woudwijk says:

    Thank you so much Peter. Hourexplanations helps me and gave a lot of insights and ways to help myself wen I feel traum
    Many many thanks . With love 🙏🏻💖😘 Jelly ( Netherlands)

  • Deborah says:

    I find Peters energy off putting. His metaphors of car accidents and metastatic cancer only weakens the viewers energy field.

  • Mary Jones says:

    Could having Covid 19 severely be a trauma? Perhaps it could retrigger past trauma. Wondering if part of the post Covid ongoing illness could be connected with limbic system .

    • Kate says:

      I’ve wondered the same. Anecdotal, but on the long covid group I’m in, quite a few seem to be people who push themselves to work long hours/be busy/put others before themselves or who have had things like bad breakups that they’ve not let themselves feel (which are supposed to be symptoms of trauma/factors for chronic illness)

    • Sarah says:

      Yes, I recently had COVID-19 and have had a history of medical trauma- this completely re-rehashed that unresolved trauma and my flight response has been crazy high. Debilitating panic, heart-racing, and very high levels of cortisol.

    • Eric John Large says:

      Good question.. Could Covid-19 be traumatic to some people as well as not being able to adjust to the “new normal”?

  • Katie says:

    Forgot to leave a comment yesterday, but loved both presentations! Had a real breakthrough epiphany regarding the “plane of possibility” – getting into a feminine energy flow state (receiving, open, releasing control and trusting the path/God/the Universe) is especially difficult for c-ptsd folks like myself, and this made so much sense in regards to recent choices and breakthroughs on my own own healing path. Loved Deb’s discussion of the vagal states as well; supports what I’ve been learning about my own chronic health problems that resulted from nervous system imbalances, and I was able to add another layer of knowledge about the vagal dorsal response, which looking back, is most likely the state that I went into for almost a year that locked down my digestive system and organs, resulting in liver disease and gallstones (which, thankfully, I’ve recovered fully from using holistic approaches, cleanses, diet, acupuncture and visceral physical therapy, yoga and meditation). Hopefully this information helps someone else at a different stage in their healing journey. Thank you so much, Jeffrey, for putting this together! Critical information and I’m sharing it!

  • Norma says:

    Good morning, will you please tell me the times for next presentations.I though it was at 0900 hours.

    • M says:

      We’ll receive an email once the day’s sessions are released. They’ll be available throughout the duration of the event once they are released each day.

  • shoshana stern says:

    I have learned so much. I really appreciate learning about the vortex theory and polyvagal theory.

  • lori says:

    Annie Hooper was a light bulb moment for me.
    Really insightful and has awoken my curiosity to learn more about Limbic system impairment
    Thank you Annie

  • Tonya Schmitt says:

    I have indulged in the interview with Dan Siegel and Peter Levine so far. They are two of my heroes. I am struck by the oneness of timeless practices from around the world and neuroscience, and am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to connect in this way! Conscilience!

  • Valeriya Samokh says:

    Just finished watching Dr. Levine’s session, absolutely loved it, especially how he is so non judgemental and understanding of those with addictions. Explains things very clearly too, thank you.

  • Jenn Smart says:

    The medical model simply does not work for trauma survivors. How we need this Summit.


    Annie Hopper was awesome.

  • Georgia Gkolfinopoulou says:

    How inspiring those two days have been!!!
    There are many concepts I heard that will inspire me… but I will definitely keep in mind the tradition from Japan… the gold repaired tea cup! Thank you very much!

    • rhonda says:

      If you’d like to learn more about it, the Japanese tradition is called “kintsugi.” It is such a beautiful metaphor for healing.

  • connie markoff says:

    amazing and wonderful visualizations
    to be intragrated in my life and my practice. thank you so much

  • Gabbie says:

    Dear Ones, So far I have listened and practised Day 1 – Deb Dana’s lecture- Oh my Goodness- it was incredibly eye and heart opening as well as Dr Siegel’s and Dr Levine’s this morning. I a so incredibly grateful for this wonderful summit and all its offerings.

    Jeffrey would it be possible to share the name of the belly sounding practice that Dr Levine has offered – breathe out with sound from the belly to calm the vagus nerve as I could not catch the name when you mentioned it please? Thank you every so much <3

    • Jeffrey Rutstein says:

      Hi Gabbie, Peter calls it the Voo Breath. He elongates the sound- vooooooo. So glad you are finding the summit helpful & supportive.

      • Pam says:

        Last night I had the opportunity to practise the Vooo breath with a young friend who was in a state of despair. I was amazing how calming it was for both of us, and I asked her to stand up after doing it. (Peter said our body holds the drama and when she stood up, her thoughts about herself and the situation changed dramatically.)
        Previously there had been despair and anger, vooooooooooo, a couple of times, stand up slowly away from the table, arms spread out like she was about to fly, legs grounded shoulder-width apart, and suddenly she is talking about possibilities and understanding that she is responsible for her own negative thoughts. (Then she was scheduled to have a therapy call, and they started to explore abandonment etc.)
        I was so so thrilled that I can be in vagal and, with some skills, I can hold the space for someone to challenge their norm and move towards their own vagal.

        I am also in love with vagal anchors.
        Looking forward to day 3!

        Thank you so sincerely for offering this vagal benevolence to mwe.
        Cyber hugs from Australia

      • Pam says:

        I have a beautiful image and short story of “kintsugi” that I love sharing with others. Could I email you the jpeg for your review and as an offering to me?
        Thank you

      • Tony says:

        Hi Jeffrey. Loving the series of talks!

        I thought the use of the Voo sound was quite co-incidental. Dao-ist practices have used this and five other sounds for eons. Their Wu sound, which sounds similar to Peter’s Voo sound, resonates with the same parts of the body that Peter spoke to. I am not sure if these sounds are taught by Ken Cohen on any of his videos etc? Mantax Chia’s group have used these for quite some time. The purpose of the sounds of course is to move energy which is stuck in the body and of course they see an evident link between energy and emotion being stuck in the body in relation to differing organs and emotional states. Importantly, as Peter notes, these sounds are easily taught and can be used in early stages of therapy, giving people quite a grounded thing to do as they engage with deeper emotions. Sat hit ananda!

      • eunice says:

        Hi Jeffrey, i would like to upgrade to lifetime access and would like to ask whether this can have multiple users (with co-workers in the agency i’m working in? Is there a limit? Thank you.

  • Pam says:

    I have really enjoyed and learnt so much from the first three sessions, including Peter’s session. I am so thankful for his generosity and energy, and the work he is doing as a healer especially in CoVid.
    The two concepts I will integrate into my own healing is “Vagal breathing”. I love being able to tell my stomach all is well in my world and to give it a gift from me.
    Also the quote “An addict needs shame as much as a man dying of thirst needs saltwater.”
    Let the healing accelerate, and that I can integrate the two vortexes so I am on a continued path of learning and discovery. Thank you for this wonderful course



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