— Sounds True Presents —

Trauma Skills Summit.

August 17–26 2020

— Sounds True Presents —

Trauma Skills Summit.

August 17–26 2020

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— Sounds True Presents —

Trauma Skills Summit.

August 17–26 2020

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— Sounds True Presents —

Trauma Skills Summit.

August 17–26 2020

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Day 5

Day 5 will be available Friday, August 21, 2020.

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Transforming the Six Disguises of Rage

Ruth King
Author and Founder of Mindful of Race Institute, LLC

Rage sits at the crossroads of personal transformation. Those of us seeking spiritual enlightenment will inevitably stumble upon rage along the path. Rage is not to be understood as a useless emotion, empty of insight. Rather, rage is fierce clarity and untapped fuel. It is the descendant of traumas, the twin of shame, the burden of denied history, the language of emotional pain, and the wisdom that helps us heal. When we push rage away, we can’t transform it. Embraced with mindful attention and compassion, the energy trapped in rage becomes an intimate and empathic teacher of stability and integrity, greatly enhancing our relationships and our service.

Session Highlights:

  • Exploring how we distinguish rage from anger
  • Discovering the six disguises of rage, the reasons we wear them, and the wisdom behind them
  • Learning mindful practices for befriending the energies of rage
  • Establishing an aspiration that ripens emotional maturity for personal and social well-being
Ruth King

Ruth King

Ruth King is an international teacher in the Insight Meditation tradition, serving on the Teacher’s Council at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California. King formally managed training and organizational development at Levi Strauss and Intel corporations, consulting to leaders on cultural change initiatives. Currently, King teaches the Mindful of Race Training Program nationwide to teams and organizations, combining mindfulness principles with an exploration of our racial conditioning, its impact, and our potential. King has a master’s degree in clinical psychology and is the author of several publications, including Healing Rage: Women Making Inner Peace Possible and her most recent book, Mindful of Race: Transforming Racism from the Inside Out. For more, visit ruthking.net.

Body, Brain, Breath, and Trauma: How Yoga Can Help

Ashley Turner, LMFT
Licensed therapist, yoga and meditation instructor

This session is for anyone who wants to gain a working knowledge of the basic neuroscience of trauma, including some of the latest scientific research. Yoga and breath work are powerful tools when it comes to working with trauma—and the benefits become even clearer when we look at the neurobiology of our experiences. Join Ashley Turner to dive into a deeper understanding of the body-brain-breath connection in this fascinating presentation.

Session Highlights:

  • Understanding the basics of neuroscience and trauma, the physiology of stress, and more
  • Exploring the science of trauma-informed yoga—including how yoga soothes the HPA axis, increases GABA, affects the amygdala, and more
  • Best practices for incorporating yoga, meditation, and breath work into both clinical interventions and personal treatment
  • A coherent breathing and compassion meditation

Ashley Turner, LMFT

Ashley Turner is a yoga-meditation expert, licensed psychotherapist, writer, facilitator, and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Yoga.Psyche.Soul.™ (YPS), an innovative yoga psychology training for teachers, clinicians, and dedicated students, which fuses yoga, mindfulness, depth psychology, shadow work, and neuroscience. YPS has fast become the go-to resource for evidence-based yoga and meditation for mental health. Turner has graced such lists as 100 Women in Wellness to Watch from mindbodygreen, 100 Most Influential Yoga Teachers in the US from Sonima, and the Top 100 Psychotherapy Blogs from Feedspot. Turner is a sought-after speaker, facilitator, and presenter at conferences and events worldwide. Her mission is to integrate yoga and meditation into the mainstream health care and education systems by training highly skilled professionals and helping them build fulfilling, highly profitable businesses. Through cutting-edge online courses and live trainings, Turner has built YPS into a world-class, scientifically grounded, and soulful yoga therapy training. Learn more at ashleyturner.co and yoga-psychology.co.

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Leadership in Challenging Times

Monica Sharma, MD
Physician and epidemiologist

A 20-year veteran of the United Nations, Dr. Monica Sharma is an international expert on leadership for sustainable and equitable development. Her approach, Radical Transformational Leadership, which is established worldwide, teaches us to source our inner capacities to manifest change—change that embodies the universal values of dignity, compassion, and fairness. In this session, Dr. Sharma explores how we can simultaneously transform unworkable systems and cultural norms as we solve problems in equitable and enduring ways.

Session Highlights:

  • Discovering how Radical Transformational Leadership can help us address trauma as we build resilience
  • Recognizing our innate inner capacity as a foundation for strategic action in the world
  • Understanding the interdependence of systems and cultural norms within the context of healing and resilience
  • Becoming empowered to take action for preventing trauma, engaging healing, and building resilience
Monica Sharma, DO

Monica Sharma, MD

Dr. Monica Sharma is trained as a physician and epidemiologist, and she worked for the United Nations from 1988 to 2010. As director of Leadership and Capacity Development at the United Nations and in other large-scale programs (UNDP and UNICEF), she designed programs for whole-systems transformation and leadership development worldwide. Currently, as an international practitioner and expert on leadership development for equitable and sustainable change, she works with the United Nations, universities, management institutions, governments, nongovernmental organizations, business, media, and other organizations. Dr. Sharma has designed and directed large programs globally and lived and worked extensively in both developing and developed countries. She has led teams for policy formulation, strategic direction, and program development in 60 countries, building multistakeholder partnerships with governments, media, civil society, and business. Her unique approach has generated equitable and sustainable results worldwide. She is the author of the book Radical Transformational Leadership, which shows how we can source our inner capacities and wisdom to manifest change that embodies universal values of dignity, compassion, and fairness, and that simultaneously transforms unworkable systems and norms in order to solve problems.

Inspired by today’s presentations?
Share your insights below.

  • NicAndNellie says:

    thank you Ruth King. Your simple heartfelt clarity was powerful and empowering.

  • JF says:

    Thank you Ashley Turner and sounds True for the excersizes and tools. Nice to see evidence on the effects of yoga

  • Kyoko says:

    Thank you Ruth for reminding us that in its kernel, rage holds wisdom of life force and needs to be respected. This is what therapist and teacher Matt Licata wrote. He is in resonance with what you said:
    “At times, the visitor of blazing rage will push its way into conscious awareness. An ancient companion from an earlier time, a valid and sane response to abuse, neglect, and boundary violation… the natural reaction to narcissistic injury and a deeply misattuned world. A piece of the soul aching to return home.
    Receive the visitor[of rage]. Touch it with your presence. Provide sanctuary for it to incarnate, as emotion in the body and image in the mind.
    Speak with the angry one, listen to them. Feel what they are feeling, see what they are seeing.
    We know the tragic effects of disavowing our rage. Sending it into the underworld does not purge or heal, but only allows it to gather energy like a psychic tornado, where it will eventually surge, in ways that lead to further suffering and prevent us from assimilating the clarity at its core.
    Separate a bit so you do not unconsciously merge. Intimacy without fusion. “I will enter relationship but will not drown. I am listening. Feeling. I will no longer deny, but nor will I be flooded. I will meet you in the center.”
    Deep in the somatic vessel, anger is not a toxin we must expunge from what we are, but a wrathful guide, an organic part of the psyche that longs to be provided its rightful home. It is life itself, wanting to be known, here to serve a vital function, but it must be integrated in order for its clarifying wisdom-nature to flow.
    With the ally of the breath, descend into your belly, open a portal to your heart, discover a passageway to your throat. Find the anger lodged in somatic being, hiding and pleading for reunion, buried in the organizing narratives and in the unfelt emotions.
    Here, anger will be revealed to be what it is, a secret wisdom-guide and bridge into the universal heart, a messenger of power, clarity, and fierce compassion that wants you as its midwife.
    In ways that seem contradictory, befriending this anger opens a portal into connection with others—others external to us as well as lost pieces of soul within—so that we may live and move and breathe with them in ways that are skillful, wise, sensitive, and compassionate.

  • Gordon CRM, PSS, PWS says:

    I greatly appreciate the inclusivness of all your speakers. I have found that each agency and group ive been working with have common goals but many have bias and practived that limit their own sucess with healibg trauma and actually create system trauma. I have been judged many rimes for having a much wider perspective to stay person centered and open to any posible truth. I am encouraged that I can break the degrees of seperation between these groups to form unity of purpose and know I have been on the right track

  • Mayuree says:

    Very grateful to you, Ruth for such deep wisdom shared with such ease and simplicity. Find your inputs very helpful in my journey. Thank you..

  • Jackie says:

    All are so nice, just one comment reg. something incorrect mentioned in Ashley’s lecture: freeze response is NOT related to the sympathetic, rather the parasympathetic

  • Chandana says:

    Many thanks to Sounds True team again. Great presentations.

  • Sheila Cook says:

    Ruth! Thank you, thank you, so beautiful. I got to see how I can be gentle with myself for hoelw far I have come and open to where I need to go. Bright blessings to you and your work!

  • HISSI says:

    Awesome! LOVE DR SHARMA. Its impressive to heal self and hold capacity for humanity at large. I love her presence and intellect

  • MC says:

    Ms. Sharma’s talk was very good, very activating, and much needed! Her tenet that being a leader is more about being a traditional midwife (ie, humble wisdom) than being a rah-rah ego identity is a very powerful, and needed, condition for change. Beautiful and powerful. I will be getting ahold of her book. Ms. Sharma’s example of healing and leadership is such a gift.

  • Susan Lim says:

    Love all 3 presentations. Love Ruth’s way of looking at rage which is seldom approached on its own.
    Love Ashley’s well planned and detail presentation.
    Love Dr. Monica way of leading me to see the collective me and her simple method of leading you to think of what really matters to me and what i can do.
    Enjoyed them all

  • kolleen says:

    Ashley has been one of my teachers for several years now and she continues to teach and inspire me. I am so grateful to her for countless reasons.

  • Barbara says:

    Ruth King wow I have been waiting for a training to address the justified rage from trauma. I have seen shame and rage together and yet struggled to understand how this happened and the quote they are twins resonated me. Also the terminology of disguises of rage and handling them with respect and tenderness of care resonated with me at a soul. So grateful Ruth King joined this event

  • Söpa Shartso says:

    NAMASTE Ashley SUPER COOL WONDERFUL THANK-YOU for your session/your loving kindness/yoga exercises. Your presentation is a brilliant helicopter overview of body and science put together giving each physical movement and breath we do and take great underlaying understanding of how everything is woven and fits in together. Whole heartily Thank-you for all and the Tend&Befriend/Strengthening Vagus Nerve – sound, breath, spine/deep long breathing and explaining all the benefits of yoga and how to apply to bring us into a greater WOT 😉 great God Bless, thank-you. Ashley Thank-you so much, I felt magical cool and content after your session today, you are a great body work guide and thank-you for your great work you do bringing eastern and western psychology together. Both of these I have integrated over the years on my trauma healing journey and I swear by the emotional body work and breath work.
    Ruth THANK-YOU for your great session and presentation and exercise on intensification and your wonderful meditation you lead. a lot I heard in your presentation reminds me of buddhist studies I have followed on the 5 buddha families , what are the neurotic and wisdom aspects in them and how to find it in ones own experience and use it to liberate oneself. Ruth thank-you for your great work you do.
    Magical blessings to you all here on Day 5 & sounds true.

  • CJ says:

    I appreciated all three speakers who offered insight and a real means to potential healing. Thank you!

    I’m a mother of 3 young men, a classroom teacher and divorce woman. My life has presented me with challenges I’ve overcome (so I know overcoming anger, sadness, fear etc.is possible) but now I’m stuck with rage that I can’t get unstuck from…. yet, not for lack of trying. I did a 200 hr yoga instruction training last summer with the intention of developing and maintaining my own personal yoga practice to overcome the trauma I keep re-experiencing from almost 7 years ago. Ashley Turner so eloquently reminded me of the holistic benefits I learned through my yoga training. The idea that our body is not just reacting to the brain but the brain is reacting to the nervous system throughout our body was a revelation to me today. After my training, I was in a good place but then when I wasn’t practicing routinely enough and allowed myself right back to getting into my own head to the point of avoiding taking time for healthful things like yoga. Today offered me great wake up call reminding me I need to get out of my brain/head and merely begin moving my body again to ground myself in a safe, loving and breath filled place to begin to working through my fear, humility, and anger = RAGE that has been holding me back for too long. Thank you Ashley! As a classroom teach, I know aspect of yoga are imperative to teach children in our society today to help them with social/emotional skills incorporating breathing practices, yoga poses and mindfulness.
    This summit has been so beneficial to me and I thank all the participant but especially Jeffrey and how you seem to ask the right questions re phrase things for a deeper understanding of each speakers subject matter. Thank you Jeffrey!!!

  • Glenda says:

    Brilliant session on yoga & trauma
    A wonderful session with Monica – she has a brilliant mind and a great teacher and thought provoking

  • Jolie says:

    Beautiful presentation, Ashley. Thanks!

  • Eugenia says:

    Doctor Monica Sharma n!
    Thanks you so very much!
    Sounds True, Excellent !

  • Michele Gara says:

    I was intrigued by the title of Ruth’s presentation. From it I learned how rage differs from anger in how it presents in the body and rage and shame are entwined. Both of these really impacted me and helped me to understand what I’ve been calling anger is actually rage. Learning the six disguises of rage and their shadows really has me thinking. I can understand myself so much better now and without the usual judgement but empathy. I really liked her suggestions to set an intention around being curious and using the “555” practice-5 minutes for 5 days for 5 weeks. How simple but profound! Thank you Ruth!!

  • Rosemary says:

    Ruth king your information that you shared was phenomenal and transformative and I thank you for it and my whole being was so touched by the meditative process you did with us at the end.

  • Aspasia Holley says:

    Ruth is truly a beautiful gift. Thank you for helping me to honor my rage. Jeffrey I loved your questions and clarification. Such an affirming and profound teaching and blessing. Namaste

  • Sabina Orrby says:

    WOW ❣️🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

  • Carolena Harrison says:

    A lot of this in today’s lesson takes me back to when I was in nursing school

  • Isabel says:

    Absolutely wonderful session with Ruth King, so much information that is gold–thank you so much!

  • Laverne says:

    Wow, wisdom talking. Thank you Monica for this sharing, I want to read the book and learn more from you. I would like to use the process we went through in my work- where can I learn more?

  • Muiriosa says:

    I just can’t thank you enough for the gift of these teachings. I felt so supported and connected trough out today’s lectures. The wisdom, passion, care and insight was so….life-affirming and timely. Bravo

  • Genelle says:

    Heartfelt thanks Ashley. Excellent, accessible information. I’m particularly grateful for the take-away techniques you have shared, immensely helpful. Thank you for your efforts.

  • Ricardo Sarain says:

    thanks Ashley. The beauty of you wisdom and tools are simply great

  • sonia sanchez says:

    Everyday I learn more about Trauma thank you can’t wait until tomorrow.

    Sonia Sanchez

  • remaining nameless says:

    oops, typing too quickly ;-). I meant to type: “in the world OF cyberspace

  • Linda Leah Rauch says:

    Hi there, Ruth
    It is refreshing to be listening to your profound and wise understanding all around rage, and how it’s attached with shame. I’ve been a facilitator, certified counsellor (spirtual/psychological) for years, now retired….During this past several years i learned alot about the nervous system and how to heal trauma stuck in the body. I’ve been working personally with a wonderful somatic experiencing woman (trained herself by Peter A. Levine) and so i respect the importance of titrating, bit by bit. AND i haven’t felt able to go fully into the RAGE buried, yet always so close to the surface. And i know this is the fuel! This is what can take me out of collapse, where i happen to be as of late. Would have loved to meet you. Enjoying and loving you. Good to meet you in the world cyberspace! xoxox

  • Desiree says:

    Thank you Ashley….always love listening to you. very informative <3 Thanks to all the speakers….

  • Deborah says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, I very much enjoyed your presentation. Thank you for your service to humanity. I wrote on my page: end war by using active cooperation as inspired by Nelson Mandela. Sincerely, Deborah

  • pauline says:

    amazing really enjoyed the meditation and yoga

  • Lou Anne says:

    Thank you to all the professional speakers. This has really been very helpful and informative!

  • Hom says:

    Dear Ashley,
    Please accept my humble gratitude for your milestone presentation. I admired your teaching practices that really enhance to reduce dementia and Alzheimer’s and effective preventive programs for older adults worldwide. Congratulations on your phenomenal advocacy and education for everyone. Hom

  • Sara says:

    Thank you Ashley for bringing in yoga to this summit! I love the practical applications and tools you provided.

  • Alanna Miller says:

    This was so inspiring and hopeful. I am definitely motivated to learn more and to begin to grasp how I might use this process both with myself and in the community. Thank you so much!

  • Janna says:

    I felt shame years before l knew the word, any words. Ten years of shame and abuse before l felt rage. Ended up cutting self to let rage out.
    Don’t know where it went, think just ended with acceptance of pain.
    I didn’t have words as a child to say much.

  • Uta says:

    Thank you Ashley so much. This has really been very helpful information for me!
    And the first time I experienced breath work without struggeling, it just helped me to get into flow on a Friday evening 😊 And its also very easy to remember: 5x2x6. 🙏🧡

  • LeMarcus Newma n says:

    Thank you Ruth for the discussion!

  • Tina says:

    Raging people I’ve dealt with dish out threats/blame on others, & lack introspection to its source in themselves.
    They deny people’s love & willingness to help them.
    Their abuse results in others not trusting them.
    How do you get someone to seek help to find internal peace ????

    • Isabel says:

      Start by reading and watching Ruth King!

    • Ka Mei Cheuk says:

      I feel like they can’t until
      they decide they need to. I would draw emotional boundaries with them (even if they’re my own parents/family) while continue sending them love and compassion from afar.

  • Tina says:

    Cover ups for rage are recognizing civilized people’s unacceptability of the behavior. It’s animal instinct uncontrolled, & avoidance of accountability to themselves. It’s not coming to a relationship w/ the 100/0 principle- giving your best with no expectation. It does not give free space filled w/ love, no judgement, exploration of problems.

  • Liz says:

    Thank you Ruth King for sharing your process which I think we as people of color (POC ) or people who have been oppressed all need to go through to become wiser and more effective in our work. I question at times when some leaders who are to quick to criticize and label others as being racist or accusing others as having White fragility is coming from that disguise of dominance because it often feels aggressive and attacking. I can certainly own that I used to be in this place and having moved beyond that now I recognize that I value more the need to come from compassion and empathy vs anger and control. It’s a lot of work to work through our rage, our pain and our trauma but I am certain that it brings us to a better place where we can be more effective and wiser in our work.

  • Dawn says:

    Videos won’t play for me……I’m missing it!

  • Liz says:

    Sorry I forgot to reference my comment above to Dr Monica Sharma’s presentation “Leadership In Challenging Times”. Thank you Dr Sharma!

  • I found the breaths very good.I had a splitting headache after was finished but went in seconds.thank you so much. splitting says:

    Found rage skills very good especially the part on the breath. I had a spitting head after the rage skills but it went in seconds.

  • Liz says:

    Very thought provoking talk, thank you! I appreciate you framing the possibility of change in the context of different cultures coming together. I believe that so often we encounter intense emotions when we talk about these different cultures, histories and experiences that people bring to the table, especially when they have to do with. oppression, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia. etc, There is usually trauma that shapes the interaction and conversation, and one person’s trauma can trigger the other person’s trauma. Citizens and even more importantly LEADERS can benefit from self reflection, understanding oneself, one’s culture, self compassion and empathy.
    I like the exercise in self reflection and questioning of what it is that is most important to us, what we care about, what we are working towards, and understanding how our trauma history may shape what we care about. I see many leaders who appear to need control others perhaps to make the world safer for themselves and others but their style of leadership can be alienating or polarizing. So a question I think that is important to reflect upon is how do we want to go about promoting the things that we care about while preserving connection vs disconnection and increased polarization ?

  • Colleen says:

    Thank you Ruth for the discussion of the wisdom under our disguises. I have heard for years about the wisdom in our neuroses and never understood it. Of course the wisdom under the disguise that I most identify with still doesn’t make much sense to me, but now I have something to work with. Thank you also for the meditation.

  • Genelle says:

    Many thanks Ruth. Your wise insights into rage and its profound significant was very helpful. And your guided mindfulness was a lovely blessing.



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