— Sounds True Presents —

Trauma Skills Summit.

August 17–26 2020

— Sounds True Presents —

Trauma Skills Summit.

August 17–26 2020

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— Sounds True Presents —

Trauma Skills Summit.

August 17–26 2020

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— Sounds True Presents —

Trauma Skills Summit.

August 17–26 2020

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Day 7

Day 7 will be available Sunday, August 23, 2020.

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Meditation for Radical Change: The Revolution Starts Inside

Justin Michael Williams
Transformational speaker, musician, author

Meditation isn’t about relaxing—it’s about becoming more alive. And if you grew up in the struggle—overcoming homophobia, sexism, trauma, shame, depression, poverty, toxic masculinity, racism, or social injustice—you need a different type of meditation, one that doesn’t pretend the struggle doesn’t exist. Join Justin Michael Williams to learn how meditation can help you move from awareness to inspired action in this engaging session.

Session Highlights:

  • The two common myths that will ruin your meditation practice
  • Discovering your “Unique Energy Signature” so you can experience the freedom that is your birthright
  • Pinpointing the wounds that seem to be stopping you every time you try to grow
  • Spotting “internalized oppression” and turning your mess into magic
Justin Michael Williams

Justin Michael Williams

Justin Michael Williams is an author, transformational speaker, and top 20 recording artist who has become a pioneering voice for diversity and inclusion in wellness. From growing up with gunshot holes outside of his bedroom window to sharing the stage with Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra, Williams knows well the pain of adversity and the power of healing to overcome. He has since been featured by the Wall Street Journal, Grammy.com, Billboard.com, the Advocate, Yoga Journal, and SXSW®. With his groundbreaking book, Stay Woke, and over a decade of teaching experience, Williams’s message of hope and empowerment has spread to more than 40 countries around the globe, particularly through his US “Stay Woke, Give Back” tour, bringing mindfulness to youth in underserved communities. Williams is dedicated to using his voice to serve, to being a beacon of hope for those who are lost, and to making sure all people, of all backgrounds, have access to the information they need to change their lives. Learn more at justinmichaelwilliams.com.

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Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness

Elizabeth A. Stanley, PhD
Creator of Mindfulness-based Mind Fitness Training (MMFT)®

Mindfulness alone has the potential to be more triggering than helpful for those with post-traumatic symptoms, but mindfulness used in a trauma-sensitive manner can be incredibly healing. A former US intelligence officer and an ordained Buddhist nun, Dr. Elizabeth Stanley is no stranger to the unique intersection of trauma and meditation. In this presentation, she’ll explore how we can work with mindfulness and trauma in a beneficial way.

Session Highlights:

  • The thinking brain and the survival brain—their different roles and ways of being affected by stress and trauma
  • The “window of tolerance” as a key component for healing
  • Three key patterns of dysregulation and how to identify them
  • Mindfulness-based Mind Fitness Training (MMFT)®—critical skills for trauma-informed mindfulness
Elizabeth A. Stanley, PhD

Elizabeth A. Stanley, PhD

Dr. Elizabeth Stanley is an associate professor of security studies at Georgetown University. She is the award-winning author of Paths to Peace and Widen the Window. She is the creator of Mindfulness-based Mind Fitness Training (MMFT)®, which is taught to thousands in civilian and military high-stress environments. MMFT® research has been featured on 60 Minutes, ABC Evening News, and NPR, as well as in Time magazine and many other media outlets. A US Army veteran with service in Asia and Europe, she holds degrees from Yale, Harvard, and MIT. She is also a certified practitioner of somatic experiencing, a body-based trauma therapy.

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Realization Process: The Healing Ground

Judith Blackstone, PhD
Founder of the Realization Process

The Realization Process is an embodied approach to psychological and relational healing and nondual spiritual realization. This unique approach uses subtle mind/body attunements for uncovering a fundamental dimension of consciousness—one that perceives our body and environment as a unity. These practices cultivate an experience of internal wholeness, authenticity, resilience, and refined perception. We become able to integrate cognition, emotion, and physical sensation, and we can experience deep connection with others without losing inward contact with ourselves. In this session, Dr. Judith Blackstone will explore the myriad benefits of the Realization Process, discussing how and why we constrict ourselves in reaction to trauma and how we can recognize and release these constrictions to find healing.

Session Highlights:

  • Uncovering the ground of fundamental consciousness pervading you and your environment
  • Deepening contact with other people without losing inward contact with yourself
  • Exploring how to relate to your environment from the innermost core of your being
  • Recognizing and releasing trauma-based constrictions from your body
Judith Blackstone, PhD

Judith Blackstone, PhD

Dr. Judith Blackstone developed the Realization Process, a method of embodied psychological and relational healing and nondual spiritual awakening. She is the author of Trauma and the Unbound Body: The Healing Power of Fundamental Consciousness, Belonging Here: A Guide for the Spiritually Sensitive Person, The Enlightenment Process: A Guide to Embodied Spiritual Awakening, The Intimate Life: Awakening to the Spiritual Essence in Yourself and Others, and The Empathic Ground: Intersubjectivity and Nonduality in the Psychotherapeutic Process. An audio series of the Realization Process practices is available from Sounds True. Dr. Blackstone teaches the Realization Process worldwide and online, in workshops, and in teacher certification trainings. She was a psychotherapist in private practice for 40 years. With her husband, neuroscientist Dr. Zoran Josipovic, she founded Nonduality Institute for the scientific study of nondual awakening. For information on Dr. Blackstone’s teaching schedule, visit realizationprocess.org.

Inspired by today’s presentations?
Share your insights below.

  • Kim says:

    Oh my gosh, Justin Michael Williams is such a thoroughly delightful human being!

  • Sheema says:

    Dr. Stanley’s framework was very interesting and clear, but I must admit that I was troubled that she was working with marines who were actively deployed in war practices. I am uneasy that she was helping them to resolve that intense trauma only to prepare them to return into it. This is where science may become so engaged in its specific outcomes that it loses its moral compass. Science is susceptible to this, and I would think that we should be aware of this.

    • Prili says:

      She is also working at Georgetown Uni as professor for security studies there. She might be there to disrupt the sick system of power that normalise war and conflict. I don’t know that, but I also don’t know that her MMFT approach also encourage war. I’m just trying to give to share to you that there’s a nuance here.

  • Sabrina says:

    Judith … what a powerful exercise you offered. Namaste.

  • kathryn says:

    Justin, I am grateful to you – it was such a gift participating with you. You have a gift for making individuals feel seen and heard even through a virtual setting. I loved your meditation and felt very spiritually connected to my self, to you, and to the community at large. Namaste’

  • Calerie says:

    Justin’s contribution was outstanding and I have taken away some really positive messages.

  • Söpa Shartso says:

    Day 7 AWESOME DAY, dear JUSTIN I am a long time meditator and thank-you from the bottom of my heart for your transmission today on the GAP – unique energy signature Mantra- THANK-YOU WHOLE HEARTILY and for your awesome energy exploration meditation guide and your SONG, just everything you presented and gave from your warm heart- YOU ARE LOVE and WE ARE LOVE- TOGETHER WE MOVE FORWARD, may you be one of our next new generation of united nations world leaders.
    Both Elizabeth and Judith THANK-YOU warmly for your presentations, your personal insights, personal journey and exploration is priceless, listening to both of you I feel and recognise similarities extracts within my very own journey I used from my different tools/therapy/spiritual meditation buddhist path/somatic experience/emotional body work and breath work to help heal trauma .
    Elizabeth thank-you for your wonderful explanation on the implicit and explicit memory at the time of encoding and how it effects influences our behaviour in the presence and for all your tools your shared and key to healing feeling through and restore safety first on the survival brain-implicit memory. I sensed out of my own experience listening to both your and Judith models complements each other very well for trauma healing and for enhancing our awareness practices and to bring wholeness within. Judith your guided breath exercise AWESOME integrating our breath everywhere into our body and releasing our constrictions and thank-you for pointing out the point between the ears for starting point step 1 breathing into the central channel. Both presentations rich mix of eastern, western psychology & spirituality and neuroscience.
    Elizabeth I am very sorry this traumas happened to you. Holding you, others and myself in my heart and send light out now. THANK-YOU ALL AND SOUNDS TRUE for this sacred summit time.

  • Katie says:

    Contact points Exercise with Liz was a helpful new tool to add to my toolbox!

  • Kristin Pedemonti says:

    Justin, thank you for being authentically joyful, centered and so eloquent as you shared your experience, gifted us with the meditation and with your song “I am Enough,” indeed, we are! <3 As a survivor of childhood sexual trauma and witnessing my father's multiple suicide attempts and his addictions, I like you, have worked to transform those traumas into trauma recovery and now share coping tools with other survivors. I went on a 5.5 month tour in my car across the US and western Canada last summer. This year was supposed be tour 2, rather it is now all online and that is OK! <3 I am living my purpose and grateful! However, I needed a booster and your meditation and song, especially imagining singing to and holding our younger selves was exactly the salve necessary so I can move forward to finish my next book. I had given myself a slight break during this pandemic, but it is overdue to ramp back up! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. PS. so far my only tattoo is the word Enough on my inner right wrist, a daily reminder. <3

  • Gen says:

    Thank you Elizabeth A. Stanley …my thinking brain is always in overdrive and I need to slow it down rather than constantly judging myself…thank you for helping me to be mindful of my thoughts… and to feed it with disengagement process– if that makes sense!
    The slides are awesome!
    Jeffery is so soothing with the valuable questions asked to the presenters. His questions …an extension of the learning process. Jeffery you’re very calming and delightful. Thank you all

  • Gen says:

    I really enjoyed Justin …awesome! Hi meditation piece is different and appealed to me immensely…Its outside of the norm of meditation …It was uplifting and soothing and at the same time upbeat. Thank you Justin

  • Laura Marina says:

    My Name is Laura and I live in Italy, I’m studing English and my therapist sent your link to me …I’m very happy and grateful to her, to Justin and to God. I just finished to listent to Justin .. He was really Amazing, expression of Unconditional Love, Compassion and Joy. he touched me very much and very useful is practice. I did them and I see my fear not to be loved anough from my Cosmic Father to living my dreams. Thanks really very much for guiding me to recognize what I really need.
    I am listening to other people. I need time. You speak English. 🙂 and thank for subtitles
    Have a Golgen Lifes

  • Catherine Bridges says:

    I want to thank you so much as I experienced your practice as truly giving me a feeling of wholeness of self love……with
    a global feeling of love deep inside me. I look forward to reading your new Book Trauma and the Unbound Body. I feel you have an understanding of the existential mystery and I am blessed that I found you and for free during this Pandemic.

  • MD says:

    Thank you Justin! Your message of I am enough, stay golden and stepping into your dream have inspired a new actionable approach to my meditation practice.

  • Prili says:

    It’s hard to pick the best presentation in this summit but Imma gonna say this:
    JUSTIN’S WEBINAR IS THE BEST 👏👏👏 I love so much your energy and your wisdom, Justin!

  • AC says:

    Thank you so much, Justin. Your presentation gave me a boost I needed.

  • DebbieKimball says:

    Justin Michael Williams’ presentation opened my heart so wide..completely transformed my day! My favorite affirmation for years is “I AM ENOUGH!” His talk makes me want to go teach kids again. I have sent a link for this Trauma lesson to all I know! Forever greatful,
    Debbie Kimball

  • June Stone says:

    Thank you Dr Elizabeth, you have provided so much more insight into the stages of recovery for me. As a hypnotherapist, helping people resolve intense trauma successfully, once we achieved some safe resources, you have provided the much needed understanding of a more graded approach. I have already downloaded the Kindle version of your book Widen the window, and your work will definitely strengthen my approach to healing trauma.

  • Kathleen says:

    Thank you Justin for sharing your being with us.

  • Robyn says:

    Huge gratitude to Elizabeth Stanley, I feel like I have been waiting so long to hear her affirming thoughts that match my experience with trauma recovery. I cried, felt elated and visible.

  • Analeh says:

    Thank you Dr. Stanley for this very informative presentation!

  • Leesher says:

    Thank you, Elizabeth A, Stanley. Your presentation helped me realize why I have issues with breathing exercises. I now also understand why I can’t use logic to solve my stress and anxiety issues. I plan to practice mindfulness again with proper guidance.

  • Uta says:

    After one week of all those very dense and well-founded presentations I am so grateful for a mass of insights and also experiences! This is so much more than sitting by myself reading more and more books on this topic! Time for a general statement, I feel 😉

    To me it is extraordinary helpful to be able to enjoy so many different experts on the topic of trauma with their respective approaches and experiences. And even be able to get a peak sneak in their therapeutic tools.

    This way, I was able to find many resonances with my personal way of dealing with my own trauma story – against recommendations of different doctors and therapists here in Germany. Especially the governmental health care system – to which I am luckily not bound myself – seems to have a lot of enhancement potential when it comes to trauma.

    Thank you so much sounds true and all experts so far, I am looking forward to the next three days 🙂

  • Ed Ferrigan says:

    Wow! justin’s talk was so inspiring. Helped me to identify some new directions in my thinking to move me forward where I have been feeling stuck lately. Namaste

  • Jodi says:

    Justin, you are amazing thank you! You have made my day. I’m so appreciative of your spirit and your message was so clear and well understood…

  • Silvia says:

    Very nice talk.
    Many things to keep on the heart
    We are enough!

  • Denise says:

    I have missed the beginning of the summit, but thankfully was able to watch Justin Michael Williams. I am so glad I did! I did not find the video boring at all! It gave me insight into exactly what I was doing wrong, and got me wanting to practice more meditation. I will definitely watch more videos, because I have been struggling with worrisome thoughts . Thanks so much!

  • Pauline says:

    Thank you all for such wonderful presentations today.
    Justin Michael Williams was a breath of fresh air.

  • Ellie says:

    Elizabeth you are amazing

  • Leesher says:

    Thank you, Justin Michael Williams, for speaking to my core. I appreciate you sharing parts of your journey and your music. Your presentation (and your book) are exactly what I need at this point in my life. I now have insight on what my actions and contributions can be.

  • Eva Lykke says:

    Thank you Judith Blackstone – for all that was said and for a wonderful exercise!

  • Sharon Chang says:

    I have been so impressed with everyone these last seven days. I am going to revisit much of it and absorb more. Thank you to all!

  • Marguerite says:

    I am smiling dear Justin. Thank you.

  • Muiriosa says:

    Thank you Justin Michael Williams for the drink of hope. I needed it.

  • June Stone says:

    Thank you Justin, you have changed my approach to meditation for ever. You are so refreshing and I have loved listening to you and I will be purchasing your book too. You are what our younger generation needs right now…from another Baca xxx

  • Tiffany says:

    Judith Blackstone’s presentation was therapeutic in every way. The method used to center and breathe into the three main areas was extremely helpful for me. Thank you.

  • Connie says:

    I’m so grateful Judith Blackstone is in this world!!!

  • Mary says:

    He is wonderful.

  • Mary says:

    Thank you for Justin

  • Judy says:

    Elizabeth Stanley. Just wow! This is the best explanation for traumatic stress. It has helped me understand completely what some of my experiences have been. Training the survival brain to access agency by updating implicate memories. Thank you so much for this gift! What a gift it is.

  • Ang says:

    I wish someone could help me understand what is really being said when the thinking brain is being talked about as the last part of the brain. Is it being said that we, as the human race, did not use it and it was developed last or it was not there and it physically grew over the years?

    • Tiffany says:

      I think it means that the thinking brain is the level that can only be used once we have our primal brain needs met. If we are stuck in survival mode, we will most likely not be able to use our higher level of thinking like reasoning and cognition because we are simply trying to survive. This would mean that we are experiencing some sort of fear or pain or trauma that can not be resolved for some reason.

    • Uta says:

      Well, my understanding is, that the frontal cortex (the “thinking brain”) is the part of the brain, which differentiates the human (homo sapiens) brain from the brains of all other living beings and has evolved as the latest brain-part when homo sapiens appeared on earth some 200.000 years ago.
      And the problem as such seems to be, that we used this brain part too much ever since (“overthinking”), so that we lost contact to other parts of our brain, which should be regulating our emotions.
      Whilst we as humans still also have that “reptile part” of the brain, which is in charge of the survival modes (flight, fight & freeze), we end up in those states as a trauma response, which then blockes all consious thinking.
      I hope this might be helpfull 🙂

  • Tiffany says:

    Both of these speakers were inspirational as well as therapeutically meaningful. Thank you.

  • Roswitha Roese says:

    So far I have been enjoying a wealth of knowledge every single day of this very timely summit. Thank you to all the participants and organizers!

  • Sophia Appleby says:

    I could listen to Justin all day. Such integrity honesty and authenticity.Thank you

  • Liz says:

    Justin, I’m struck by what a beautiful, energetic, glowing person you are. It shows that you’ve done the trauma work to get where you are and you inspire others to do the same. Meditation has been a 20 year struggle for me, As an Asian American. with a history of trauma, even closing my eyes and sitting still felt threatening. I also shared a number of incorrect ideas about meditation and often felt like I was doing it wrong which was also threatening. Over the years I’ve come to value meditation and am getting more comfortable with it. This has helped me shift from doing, and running, to being and connecting with myself. Thank you for your perspective and sharing!

    • Ka Mei Cheuk says:

      Thank you, Liz… for such a raw and honest post. For a long period of time, I had to put the meditation practice I knew (the traditional empty the mind practice) aside in order to work through that stuff inside my head.

      Have hope… with the right tools, healing practices and the right trauma related help, there’s hope towards full resolution of trauma even if it’s CPTSD.

      For a long time, I thought I am just going to have to manage symptoms for rest of my life… but resolution is actually possible with the right help.

      Keep trying. Never give up. I’m rooting for you…

      Me too… identified as an Asian … first gen US immigrant. I’ve some sense of the generational trauma in our culture.

      Much love to you

  • Tatiana says:

    Justin, words are not enough to say how I am thankful for your presentation!!! Great!!!

  • Alexis Wisniewski says:

    I friggin love Justin Michael Williams! He’s so bomb! Thank you for being so Om-azing!

  • oppression says:

    Sad that real oppression is never seen and new buzzwords are created on the daily to disempower people or to create a sense of self through “internalized oppression”. The people who are really oppressed are never seen or heard because of this.

    • Prili says:

      hei oppression, do you listen to his talk until the end? In the end he explained the practical example of how to use his approach to dismantle real oppression.
      Also, don’t you think in your works to dismantle oppression (if you really work on it, rather than just getting depressed and angry without place to go), you don’t need an internal strengths (a.k.a. empowerment) that can fuel your actions?

  • MC says:

    “We are enough. We are enough. We are enough. We are Golden baby, yeah!”

    Much love and thanks for Justin Michael Williams’ sharing of personal and political spiritual practice to dismantle internalized oppression and bring service to world healing. LOVED the multifaceted engagement of resilience!

  • Ang says:

    Dr. Elizabeth A. Stanley’s talk is helpful. She is delightful.

  • joanne says:

    Appreciated Elizabeth Stanley’s talk immensely. Well thought through and ground breaking. Thank you!



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